Today, the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update Part One is available for download on all platforms, along with a comprehensive list of new features. The Caves and Cliffs Update has already established itself as one of the most important updates for Minecraft since its initial release, and the change logs for 1.17 Part One of the update only serve to reinforce this.

The first installment of the much-anticipated Minecraft 1.17 “Caves & Cliffs” update is now available. Minecraft players may now download and play the update on their preferred device.

The change logs for the new Minecraft update have been officially posted by Mojang Studios, and they’re now accessible for both Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition.The 1.17 update has been dubbed “Mojang’s most ambitious endeavour.” This is one of the reasons why the update will be split into two sections. The second instalment will be released in a few months.

We’ll let the changelogs do the most of the talking instead of laying down all of the major features in Caves and Cliffs Update Part One. Still, if you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of Minecraft’s most ambitious update, check out our complete guide to Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Update, which will answer all of your questions.

Caves and Cliffs Update 1.17 Part One is available now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, PC, macOS, Linux, PS5, PS4, Switch, Android, and iOS, as well as all Minecraft platforms. Minecraft (together with the Caves and Cliffs Update) is also included in Xbox Game Pass.

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In the Minecraft 1.17 part 1 update, new blocks were added.

·   Dripstone and Pointed Dripstone are two types of dripstone.

·   Amethyst crystal block

·        Raw Iron, Gold, and Copper Block

·        Block of powder snow

·        Deepslate and Infected Deepslate are two types of deepslate.

·        Ores from deep slate

·        Bricks, walls, stairwells, and slabs made of deep slate

·        Deepslate bricks, walls, staircases, and slabs are all cracked.

·        Deepslate polished bricks, walls, staircases, and slabs

·        Deepslate Cobbled Bricks, Wall, Stairs, and Slabs

·        Bricks, walls, stairwells, and slabs made of deep slate tile

·        Tinted glass

·        Tuff

·        Calcite

·        Smooth & Polished Basalt

·        Basalt

·        Moss block

·        Rooted dirt

·        Dripstone Blocks

In the Minecraft 1.17 part 1 update, new items have been included.

·        Spyglass

·        Candles

·        Bucket of powdered snow

·        Glow item frames

·        Glow squid ink sac

·        Azalea flower

·        Lightning rod

·        Hanging roots

·        Axolotl, Goat, and Glow Squid spawn eggs

·        Glow berries