Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 213

It has been 213 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. Many events have taken place during these days, but here we will discuss some critical developments of the Russia-Ukraine War. 


Russia has launched a referendum to annex the occupied region of Ukraine. This has invited condemnation from Kyiv and western nations. Hence they call it a Sham and pledge not to recognize the results.

Restrictions were made on not traveling out of these cities during the four days of the referendum. Armed people went door to door to push people out of their homes to cast ballots. They do not restrict themselves here but also threaten to sack the employees if they do not participate in the ballot process.

Elections in the regions were arranged too quickly in the occupied provinces. This is because of the Ukrainian army. 

With the help of this referendum, Russia has given the people the opportunity to express their views in the region.


After the investigation by a commission of the united nation, reports of war crime has been reported. These crimes include execution, rape, torture, and confinement of children in Russian occupation areas of Ukraine. This report was published after the visits to 27 regions and 150 victims and witnesses. 


Because of this conflict, the Ukrainian government has decided to downgrade its diplomatic ties with Iran over the provision of drones to the Russian forces. 

The Russian commanders decided to hit the Pechenily dam’s gates to inundate the Ukrainian army’s crossing points. 

The drones that the Iranians supplied to Russia killed a woman and destroyed a building in Odesa port. However, the air defense has destroyed these drones over the black sea.

 After Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the west he was not lying when he indicated he would be prepared to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia, the White House stated that the united saw no need to change its nuclear posture. 

To avoid the country’s most considerable conscription push since world war 2, some Russians of draft age traveled abroad.

According to the White House, if Moscow proceeds with annexing areas of Ukrainian land, the united states and its allies are ready to impose more significant economic consequences on Moscow.

In response to the fake referendums, NATo will step up its support for Kyiv, according to the secretariat general of the alliance. 

Shaquille O Neal of the US basketball legends Hary Styles, and Ed Sheeran, among other celebrities, will give personal items for a campaign to promote healthcare in Ukraine.


These are the facts that are collected by international resources. The world is doing its best to finish this war and to shun the atrocities of the people of the Ukrainian. This article gives some critical points since the war started on 24 February 2022.