The newest Battlefield is set to release this autumn, and it seems to be packed with mayhem. EA introduced Battlefield 2042, the newest installment in Dice’s long-running shooter franchise, at an upcoming event for both the Xbox One, Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Windows via Origin, Steam, and the Unreal Games Shop. The game will add new tornadoes that travel about the battlefield, wingsuits that allow players to soar around, and weaponry that can be modified on the fly, among other alterations to the formula.

Regardless of the fact that the series is most renowned for its outrageous action long shots, the forthcoming near-future title features a very serious storyline. As per EA, the game takes place during this period globe:

“The planet is on the verge of destruction in Battlefield 2042. 

Hunger, power, and freshwater crises have resulted in dozens of collapsed states, resulting in the world’s worst refugee problem in existence. Parents, farms, professionals, or even warriors are one of the Non-Patriated, or No-Pats. In the middle of this crises, both United States and Russia drag the rest of the globe into a full-fledged conflict. No-Pat Specialists joins opposing sides, fighting not for a flag, but also for the Non-future Patriated’s in this new land.”

Battlefield 2042 plane

The maps for 2042 depict this grim situation. They have included an Arctic ocean graph in which players compete for oil, a version of Doha encircled by sandstorms reminiscent of Mad Max, a boiled seabed throughout India packed with the stays of trapped ships, and a glittering South Korean metropolis in which players must seize control of “a quantum powered disinformation centre.” Dynamical happenings seem to be a primary priority; for example, one level occurs while a missile prepares to fly into space.

Watch its trailer on YouTube:

According to Dice, new maps were designed with next-generation technology in heart, and the largest difference appears to be the sheer amount of players. If you’re competing on Windows, Playstation 5, or Xbox X, “both military tactics” games will have 128 participants. That amount will be reduced to a more typical 64 for older platforms. Aside from that game, 2042 will offer a squad-based mode termed “hazard zone” (which, Dice emphasizes, will not be a battle royale) and a third, unannounced online option. There will be no traditional single-player narrative in the videogame.

Once 2042 finally released late a year, EA claims it will function as a live second serve, with periodic combat passes both free and paid that “will propel its storyline of the planet forward” and introduce new capabilities.

Warfare 2042 will be released on October 22nd.

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