How to perform an aerial 360 spin in Fortnite Chap 03

Since players have been allowed to ride animals in Fortnite, their speed has made them ideal for quickly navigating the map. However, players must dismount a wolf or boar for one weekly challenge to accomplish an aerial 360 spin in Fortnite. This challenge can be difficult because jumping off these monsters won’t give you much air time. Fortunately, a few strategies can help you complete this task in seconds.

That’s correct; the July 21 update in Fortnite was significant since it started not only the No Sweat Summer event but also the seventh week of seasonal challenges. Finishing these objectives is essential for gaining a large amount of XP and, as a result, completing the battle pass for Chapter 3, Season 3. Don’t you want to miss out on Darth Vader?

One of the most difficult is the one that requires players to make an aerial 360 spin in Fortnite  to dismount from a Wolf or Boar. When these roving animals spot you, they can be violent; nevertheless, taming them is simple – simply jump on their backs, and voilà! They’ll be your constant companions for the rest of the game.

Now the hard part is how do you perform a stunt that even prime Tony Hawk himself would struggle to complete? Worry not! As we’re here to help.

How To Complete 360 Spin In Fortnite

Completing this mission is easier (and more glamorous) than you may assume. There is no specific order or anything like that; simply reach enough altitude to disembark off the animal and perform a 360 rotation while in the air in Fortnite.

That’s right, no dazzling animations, no fanfare, just a good old spin of your controller stick or a flick of your wrist if you’re playing on PC, and the quest should be done, awarding you a tidy 15k XP.

Of course, finding a bear or wolf is a huge challenge in finishing the quest. They can be found in most places on the map, but they are most common east of Greasy Grove, north of Rocky Reels, and west of The Daily Bugle (as marked below). Once you’ve discovered one, you can calm it down and ride it by simply stepping upon its back.

In terms of the spin, take your beast to the top of a mountain to guarantee you get adequate air time. If you can’t find one tall enough, go to the tall rock constructions southeast of Rocky Reels or the pinnacle of Rave Cave mountain. You can proceed to the cliff and jump off the animal by double touching your jump button. This should allow you to blast into the air and rotate your character before entirely impacting the ground.

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If you’re having trouble performing the spin, try jumping off the wild beast at the height of their jump; this will give you an extra boost and more time to complete the 360 spins in Fortnite. Keep in mind that if you do it from a high enough altitude, you’ll receive fall damage… so try not to get killed.