As the world gradually returns to normalcy. Everyone has most likely been on the lookout for emerging technology. Quarantine allowed people plenty of time to dream, and it’s fair to say that some of us were probably hard at work inventing new products to pitch to online audiences.

Couch Bunker:
If you’ve ever been stuck in a 1980s mafia film, you’ve probably said to yourself, “Man, I wish my living room couch could act as a fireproof gun safe with bulletproof cushions that can be removed and used as shields.” Now your fantasies have become a reality. Couch Bunker has you secured with all of your couch secure requirements. The couch bunker is a brand-new device that caters to a small group of individuals’ unique needs. It has a built-in fireproof safe that can be used to hold different valuables, and if you ever need a bulletproof cover, the cushions can be detached and strapped to the body. They are an optional enhancement that can block a bullet at point-blank range. The vault is very easy to access; lift the three cushions, and the vault can be opened from under the sitting area. The sitting area is held locked by two locks, but only one key can control both locks. The safe has a capacity of up to 30 firearms. Every couch is specially built to meet the needs of the customer.

Morus Zero:

Morus zero is a gadget that aims to reinvent the way you dry your clothes. It is a portable dryer that connects to a normal wall socket and allows clothes drying much quicker and more effective than using a regular dryer. The dryer can also clean your garments. Morus employs patented equipment that employs a vacuum system to extract water and moisture from your clothing, allowing water to evaporate even faster than it does with a conventional dryer, allowing you to get dry clothes in a fraction of the time it would take for a standard dryer, saving you energy and precious time in your day. This decreased drying time equates to a huge reduction in energy costs, potentially reducing energy assumptions by up to 40%. However, the reduced drying time and temperature means that your clothes can last much longer than they will in a conventional dryer. These dryers are not yet ready for order, but Morus plans to get them to market soon.

Kasoori Coffee Warmer:

Coffee cup warmers have been around for many decades, but none are as simple to use and maintain as the kasoori coffee mug warmer. This warmer is one of the best-selling coffee warmers on amazon because it offers better thermal conductivity than most warmers and is made with the highest quality available. It also has a touch-sensitive display that allows you to dial in the coffee temperature you choose. The bottom of the mug is perfectly smooth so that it still makes direct contact with the heating pad. This prevents any unwelcome cool off when you’re drinking your beverage and allows reheating times to be significantly reduced. The plate can rise to at least 230 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the beverage can be somewhere between 77 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gibb Biski:

Growing up, all of us undoubtedly dreamed of having an automobile that could travel through both land and sea; however, those vehicles were never made. Several vehicles have been created for this purpose over the years, but they have never been introduced to the mass market until now. Gibbs Biski is a new motorcycle that can operate on both land and water. It can achieve speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on land and about 37 miles per hour in the water, ensuring that you can travel no matter where you are. This bike will keep up with other mass-produced bikes, so you’ll never have to think about being restricted when riding. This bike can move from water to land in a matter of seconds, and with little feedback from the driver, you can turn from land to water service in less than 5 seconds, ensuring that you never miss a beat. The bike is powered by a two-cylinder 55-horsepower engine that runs on regular gasoline.


Focals was a startup company that Google recently acquired. This device can be used to replace your daily glasses, providing you with smart tech right in your lenses. These glasses can be used to react to text messages, make phone calls, check the weather, and so many more. Amazon formerly backed the company, and these glasses offered Alexa support. There’s a tiny thumbstick on the ring that lets you navigate different menus; from here, you can see all kinds of valuable data that have been beamed from your phone without even taking it out of your pocket. The price of these glasses is undisclosed due to the company’s latest acquisition by the multibillion-dollar behemoth Google, but we expect to learn more from Focus soon.


The Armor 9 is a new smartphone that recently reached its Kickstarter target. The company raised over $40,000 for their device and hopes to bring it to market quite soon. This is the world’s first thermal imaging-equipped smartphone that is designed for outdoor use. The phone is made with a ridiculously tough shell that makes it almost indestructible. In addition, a rigid bumper protects the device from falls or impact. The phone runs Android 10.0 and is powered by an Octa-core processor. It has a 64-megapixel rear camera that can view different types of thermal images. This phone is estimated to cost about $429 and will be shipped from Hong Kong this year.


Mary is a fully automated home growing device that can assist you in raising an indoor garden without learning any of the difficult techniques involved in raising a garden with artificial sunlight. This device was launched on IndieGoGo and was priced at $1,399. The product was created with an adaptable, growing system that was equipped with artificial intelligence. The whole system is controlled by an app and includes LED lighting and a nightlight for use after dark. Unfortunately, it appears that the company has placed the project on hold for the time being, but it is hoped that it will return to the market soon.

Stop Sleep:

Stop sleep is an anti-sleep warning designed for drivers who might be driving a vehicle while drowsy. This system binds to your fingers and detects drowsiness or fatigue when driving. It will then notify you up to five minutes before you fall asleep, ensuring that you are still awake and alert to changing road conditions when your vehicle is in motion. This system has been clinically tested by the NCSR and is recommended for use on any road trip. It has a super-fast charging time and can be used for several hours even if you are not prone to falling asleep while driving. This is an excellent gadget to bring on any road trip. Long hours on the road can be exhausting for anyone, and you can find yourself falling asleep without realizing it. This system can keep you and any passengers safe for the duration of the flight. Pricing for these devices is not currently available online, but we imagine they are reasonably priced if you can find them for sale.

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