EU’s Leaders meeting with Zelensky

EU leaders have set to gather in Kyiv for a significant event. They have promised to impose sanctions on Russia but have not made any commitments for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union. The visit coincides with the anniversary of the invasion on Feb 24th  of Ukraine by Russia.

The Head of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Ukraine by train, demonstrating the EU’s solidarity with Ukraine. This journey symbolizes the EU’s commitment to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine. During her visit, senior members of the EU met with their counterparts in the UK officials.

Von der Leyen and the EU chairman will also meet with the Ukrainian president. This meeting is expected to be significant and is likely to result in important decisions being made regarding Ukraine and its future relationship with the EU.

The EU’s visit to Kyiv signifies the importance of Ukraine to the EU and the commitment of the EU to support Ukraine in these challenging times.

Zelensky’s Point of view

Ukrainian President Zelensky has emphasized the need for prominent measures to stop the Russian invasion. This marks the 10th round of gatherings aimed at stopping the Russians, but the measures taken have fallen short in restricting or implementing policies to stop Russia.

During a recent night video set, President Zelensky announced that a mutual understanding has been reached with the EU. He stressed that the EU and Ukraine when they join hands can only stop the oppression of the lives that matter most to the Ukrainian people.

The President believes that the only way to stop Russian brutality is through integration and providing enough energy to fight their enemy, Russia. He emphasized that no obstacles should hinder Ukraine’s sovereignty.

President Zelensky’s words reflect the urgency of the situation and the need for the EU and Ukraine to work together to stop the oppression caused by Russian aggression. The President is committed to ensuring Ukraine’s sovereignty and ensuring that the lives of the Ukrainian people are protected.

EU membership of Ukraine 

The European Union (EU) has stated that there are still many steps to be taken before Ukraine can become a member. For Instance, Anti-corruption measures need to be strengthened, and there must be a stable economy and political system in place. In addition, the country must abide by various EU laws.

Croatia was the latest country to join the EU, becoming a member in 2013, a decade ago. Poland, on the other hand, waited for 20 years before finally joining the EU.

It should be noted that becoming a full member of the EU is a long process and will take several years. In June of last year, candidate membership was granted, but there is still much work to be done.


In conclusion, the European Union (EU) leaders are set to meet with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kyiv to discuss the future relationship between Ukraine and the EU. The EU has demonstrated its commitment to supporting Ukraine and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the country in the face of Russian aggression.

President Zelensky has emphasized the need for prominent measures to stop the Russian invasion and stressed the importance of the EU and Ukraine working together to ensure Ukraine’s sovereignty and protect the lives of its people. Becoming a full member of the EU is a long process that will take several years, with many steps to be taken before Ukraine can become a member, including strengthening anti-corruption measures and establishing a stable economy and political system.