Ford believes there is an opportunity for expansion in the truck industry as long as a new pick-up product isn’t large and accessible to people of all heights. 

This explains why Ford touts the Maverick’s more minor truck advantages, such as city mobility and a 40-foot turning radius. The Maverick is under 16.6 ft, contrasting to the 16.8 ft Ranger and the 19.3 ft F-150. Ford is also confident that everyone sees the beginning at $19,995, but Ford adds a $1,495 destination fee. The price is $21,490.

There will be only one Maverick body variant, a five-seater four-door SuperCrew. However, a truck wouldn’t be much of a truck unless it has adequate cargo storage for storing and transporting items, so Ford developed a new term to represent what the Maverick has behind the seats. The Maverick’s Flex Bed is 4.5 feet in length, or six feet with the tailgate dropped, with a payload capability of 1,500 pounds.

There are easy ways to construct your storage systems, such as anchoring objects with one of the eight straps or connecting your light sources to the configured 12 v ports. The tailgate has a weight capacity of 400 pounds in the correct section and 500 pounds when fully open. If it’s closed, it will help people of standard height to access it easily. The Maverick is 68.7 inches tall, compared to 75.6 inches for the F-150. The Maverick has two power outlets, one in the bed and the other in the cabin.

There will be two powertrain options. The standard engine is a 2.5-liter  four-cylinder hybrid powertrain with a CVT available in front-wheel drive. The 2.0-liter engine, which comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and delivers 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque, is required for all-wheel movement. Ford hasn’t released any fuel efficiency data yet, but the hybrid version should earn 40 mpg in city driving and 37 mpg combined. Maverick can pull 2,000 pounds and 4,000 lbs with the optional 4K Tow Package, only offered on the non-hybrid model.

Maverick is designed to offer a greater ground clearance and excellent protection from dents knowing people will load and unload the truck from the sides. There is no gap between the Bed and the cab. The back rails protect the whole center console of the vehicle.

The Ford Maverick is now available to purchase or reserve on the company’s website. They declined to discuss sales or production estimates. Still, considering the Maverick’s low sticker price, lack of competition, and overall American thirst for pick-ups, it isn’t easy to believe it won’t sell like hotcakes.

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