Golden Knights beat Avalanche in six games, advance to Stanley Cup semifinals. The Golden State Warriors will play in the Stanley Cup semifinals also for the third time in 4 years.

Following two defeats in the first, second game of their second-round series with the Avalanche, the Golden Knights recently won straight games, completing the season on home ice in Game 6 with a 6-3 victory at T-Mobile Stadium on Thursday.

The Vegas Golden Knights will face the Montreal Canadiens inside the Stanley Cup playoffs. The first game will be played on Monday at T-Mobile Stadium.

The Avalanche scored first with the fifth time in game 6, but it won’t affect again for the third time this series. Devon Toews’ goal 23 minutes into the game was countered 52 seconds by a Nick Holden slider that Philipp Grubauer hadn’t seen. William Karlsson added a one-timer toward the conclusion of the half, and Las Vegas led 2-1 at the finish of the first session.

The second is where all the games transitioned from enjoyable to spectacular. The Avalanche dominated for most of the period, and Mikko Rantanen’s opening goal to knot it up was all the workout the bulb behind goal got. Three goals throughout the closing 5 minutes, though, sent T-Mobile Stadium to its knees.

It was indeed when Alex Pietrangelo began to take control of the game. He placed an approach on Keegan Kolesar’s tape next to the goal, and Kolesar took the rest to divert that in and putting Vegas back to the top. Pietrangelo scored himself when Colorado’s Andre Burakovsky knotted the match at 3-3 with 18 seconds left in the third, storming the goal and slamming in a shot off the rebounds.

The third quarter saw Avalanche’s last-ditch effort, but it ended out to be a clean sweep for the Golden Knights. With 8:14 remaining, William Carrier scored on a rebound, and Max Pacioretty clinched the deal with an empty-net goal with 3:10 remaining.

The Golden Knights are closing in on a series victory, leading the Avalanche through two periods.

The Avalanche had won the President’s Cup as the top average team, but they were out of the playoffs in the second stage. 

The Golden Knights were not going down without a fight, and they had no option of allowing this tournament to continue another game.

The Avalanche and Golden Knights traded goals in the second quarter. For each team scoring two, Vegas came out on top with a 4-3 lead through two time periods on Thursday at T-Mobile Stadium.

This season, the Golden Knights had acquired a terrible habit of shooting pucks and overboard. Alex Pietrangelo did it again at 2:23 into the second quarter, resulting in a delayed penalty for the sixth match in a row.

Now, this proven to be pricey. At 3:47, Mikko Rantanen shored up and shot between Zach Whitecloud’s legs, clipping just enough of his skate to reverse direction and get by Marc-Andre Fleury for a level the game 2-2.

For most of the period, the Avalanche rode the energy of the score. They had seven attempts in the opening period and held the Golden Knights inside the penalty box again for the majority. It resembled the second quarter of Game 5 when the Avalanche slanted up ice but only managed one score.

This time, however, Vegas did not wait till the third round to respond. Midway through the second quarter, Keegan Kolesar earned a power play in the attacking zone and dashed towards the front of the net to await Alex Pietrangelo’s goal. Kolesar’s faceoff was won by Shea Theodore, who slipped to Pietrangelo again for a shot, which Kolesar redirected inside of the corner flag to cut Vegas’ lead to 3-2.

Much like the Golden Knights responded fast to the Avalanche’s first goal in the very first period, Colorado responded fast to Vegas’ throughout the second.

During that time, Vegas had one more secret weapon in his hand. In the waning seconds, Alex Tuch nearly scored, but Pietrangelo was there on the bounce. Just 18 seconds remaining, he skated towards the front of the goal and pushed back Philipp Grubauer’s rebound, giving Vegas a 4-3 lead.

Vegas trailed on attempts on goal 22-16 at the end of the quarter, but it was just 20 minutes from a 2nd triumph.

The Golden Knights led the Avalanche after a strong opening half.

Games 6 could not have started at all tense if T-Mobile Stadium hadn’t been on fire when the ice dropped.

Each team has scored inside the opening 90 minutes of match, and the tempo was maintained for the next 20 minutes. The Golden Knights had a 2-1 lead at the end of the game.

The Avalanche took advantage of an early Shea Theodore turnover, but he delivered this to the wrong guy. Nathan MacKinnon scooped control of the puck inside the neutral zone to set up a 2-on-1, and he saw a partner wide open on the opposite side. Devon Toews intercepted the puck and blasted it past Marc-Andre Fleury for just a score and a 1-0 advantage 23 seconds into the game.

Philipp Grubauer had an equally difficult goal as karma for the strange goal that wounded Fleury in Game 5. The Golden Knights floated the puck all around posts to Nick Holden at the line, but Grubauer appeared to miss the connection, let alone the shot. Holden powered through it at the end, beating a towering Grubauer five-hole at 1:15 to seal the victory.

It won’t break down after that. During the first 5 minutes, Alex Tuch had a half breakout, and Alec Martinez struck the wall. There were 12 attempts on target during the first TV break, just beyond the six-minute mark: seven to Colorado and five on Vegas.

William Karlsson made sure that session didn’t finish peacefully, putting the Golden Knights up with 4:54 remaining. Alec Martinez made a great move only at neutral zone, slapping the puck across to the far centre, where Karlsson was waiting for the other. Karlsson had a puck-sized space between Grubauer’s skate and the wall, and he nailed the target to give Vegas a 2-1 edge.

After the first quarter, Colorado led on goals 13-10.

The Golden Knights are excited about the possibility of defeating the Avalanche at home in Game 6.

T-Mobile Arena hasn’t seen the Golden Knights win a playoff match at home until this year. After a night, the facility might host two games in 2 weeks.

The Golden Knights delighted their supporters with a Game 7 win over the Wild in the previous phase, and they have now won three straight against Avalanche, making Game 6 at 6 p.m. Thursday a potential clinching game. No one from the house benches wants to return to Colorado for just a pivotal Game 7, so the Golden Knights are approaching tonight. It is a must game, even if they’ve had some leeway for the very first moment.

“It’s a joke that the fourth game is the most difficult to achieve, but it’s relevant today,” Vegas forward Mattias Janmark said. “They’re putting everything on the line today, but we have to make sure we’re putting everything on the line as well. We have to handle it as though the 7 Games for us as well.”

The very last moment Vegas returned home for just a play at T-Mobile Arena, this was trailing the series 2-0 following two defeats in Colorado. The Golden Knights annihilated the Avalanche in the following two games, increasing their only record in home games this season to 13-6.

Golden Knights vs Avalanche

Golden Knights vs Avalanche

However, none of those victories won a series for the Golden Knights before Game 7 against the Wild: the only embrace line Vegas fans had ever seen was when the Capitals celebrated the Stanley Cup triumph in 2018. Brayden McNabb, who has been in the team’s COVID-19 protocols for the victory versus the Vikings, enjoys the thought of finishing a series on home court.

“Our arena is crazy, and our fans are incredible,” he says. “I’m looking forward to getting that are out tonight, and we want to end it here. We would like to accomplish it both for our supporters and us.”

And why should there be many alterations? The Golden Knights’ most impressive team strategy is to stick with the plan. They look to have solved the recipe for going backwards the Avalanche’s high-flying offence, giving only five goals in their past 3 matches. The Avalanche, on the other hand, will have something to say about it, given they adjusted to Vegas’ defensive systems in Game 5 and led 2-0 into the third period. The Golden Knights scored the game-winner twice before prevailing in overtime.

If Colorado plays as it did for most of the 5 Games, it may be able to force a Game 7 at home on Saturday night.

“We’ll have the supporters behind us since we’re at home.” “Where would you rather be?” According to Vegas coach Pete DeBoer. “I don’t believe anyone, other than the players in our room, projected we’d have a shot to finish the team out and in Game 6 at homes after the Second game and if they did, they’re liars.” We’re there, so let’s make the most of it.

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