Technology – a necessity and an addiction. It can be beneficial in ways you never imagined. And sometimes, technology can be your worst enemy.
Excess of everything is lethal. But human beings are all about improvisations and adaptations according to the environment. We can tweak the technological advancements according to our convenience and wellbeing. And it can be life-changing.
Productivity is not something innate but a skill to master. Workload stress can make things hard and lessens efficiency. Being proactive and proper scheduling of tasks can make things much more manageable. And the best part? You do not have to keep a separate physical journal for every chore. Self-help applications have made our lives more accessible than ever.

The ultimate medium of distraction can make you productive and open new horizons for creativity? Let’s find out how!

Speedy Note-Taking: Whether in a meeting or attending an online class, you always try your best to jot down all the essential points. But still, you sometimes miss more important things. Taking notes in a notebook or journal can lead to gathering incomplete information.

You can avoid the missing out experience by using free online tools/applications. These note-taking sites are best for managing and saving your rough points. You can also organize the notes and make your categories. In this way, it will be much easier for you to recall all the essential meeting points when you need them the most.

Online tools such as Trello and Evernote are perfect for this task


Inefficient time management is one of the primary reasons for stress in the workplace. Technology can help us increase our online and offline productivity. Applications and smartphone tools nowadays trace your activities and generate a report. These tools allow you to track and use those applications less that may distract you, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. These applications also remind you of the crucial tasks you must do on priority. For instance, set a google calendar, and you won’t miss an activity unless you are busy procrastinating.

Using these tools correctly, you will have a to-do list in a compiled form ahead of you. These apps also empower you to work on your ongoing goals at a faster pace. Moreover, these applications encourage you to set personal goals that challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.

Data access:

With technological advancement, data became more digital. Now we don’t have to wait for days for someone’s approval working remotely. Instead, we can share important files within seconds. The cloud feature in sites nowadays increases availability and keeps data in one place. Technology can also diminish the arduous search for needed information that is in the form of spreadsheets and tables. The work will continue uninterrupted, even if a system failure or a power outage occurs.

Promotes high-level working:

One of the things technology gives us is the chance to improve our skills. Online paid, and free courses make it much easier for students and employees to polish their abilities and work better.

Practicing Mindfulness for better focus:

We all tend to lose focus while coping with the modern world and its hurdles. There are days when your attention is dissipated everywhere except where you need it, that is, on your pending tasks. Meditating only for five minutes a day can be a significant change in your routine. Meditation increases attention span and builds stamina to bring the focus where it belongs at that particular moment. Applications like Headspace are a great source to practice mindfulness.

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