I Feel Very Empowered Diver Tom Daley Discusses Being Openly Gay After Winning Gold. Tom Daley and his plunging accomplice, Matty Lee, gotten back a gold award for Team Great Britain Monday on the synchronized 10-meter stage jump, and the triumph was particularly significant for Daley in his second Olympics as a straightforwardly gay man. 

Daley appeared in a YouTube video in 2013, not long after he started dating his current spouse, Dustin Lance Black. As per Outsports, there are 168 straightforwardly LGBTQ+ competitors competing at the Tokyo Games, which is triple the then-record all out from the 2016 Olympics (56). 

“I feel very proud to say that I’m a gay man and an Olympic hero,” Daley said through the Olympic News Service in the wake of winning gold. “I feel exceptionally engaged by that.”

The Tokyo Games are Daley’s fourth Olympics, and he initially cooperated with Matty Lee in the synchronized event. Daley turned into a sensation in Great Britain after he competed in his first Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics when he was only 14 years of age. He holds two earlier bronze Olympic awards, one from the 10-meter stage in 2012 and one from the synchronized 10 meters in 2016. 

Because of the COVID-19 limitations on global guests and fans, Daley needed to leave his significant other and 3-year-old child, Robbie, back home in the United Kingdom. Daley said the gold award was especially imperative to him since he needed his child to see him contend, regardless of whether he could just watch on TV.

“It’s unbelievable, especially after Rio 2016 when I was extremely disappointed because I thought that’d be my best chance of a medal,” Daley said. “But my husband said my story doesn’t end there. He said our son was going to watch me become an Olympic champion, and there’s a whole lot of your chosen family out here to support you.”

Daley and Lee proved to be the best after an extraordinary standoff with China on the 10-meter stage. They posted an all-out score of 471.81, simply 1.23 focuses in front of the Chinese team. Daley and Lee won the European and World Cup titles together recently, and they add Great Britain’s first-since forever Olympic gold award in the occasion to their rundown of honors. 

Daley’s excursion in Tokyo isn’t done at this point. He will contend again on Aug. 6 in the individual 10-meter stage jump, where he will confront Cao Yuan, a 2012 Olympic gold medalist and one portion of the Chinese synchro pair that tested Daley and Lee.

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