Kathy Griffin Says She is Undergoing Surgery for Lung Cancer. As a result of a lung cancer diagnosis, US comedian and actress Kathy Griffin is undergoing surgery. In a post on social media, the 60-year-old stated that she was going to have part of her left lung removed.

Star of stand-up routines and TV series like Suddenly Susan says she’ll be back to her normal self in a month or less. “For Your Consideration” was the first comedy album by a woman to debut at the top of Billboard’s comedy rankings.

Over the course of her stand-up career, she has released five additional albums and starred in a number of films and television series.

Her career has suffered since she posed with a fake severed head representing then-U.S. President Donald Trump in 2017 in what was meant to be a joke, which cost her employment and sponsorships. Griffin was the subject of a Secret Service inquiry, but no legal action was taken.

As the disease was in its early stages and restricted to her left lung, her physicians were confident that she would not require chemotherapy or radiation.

Though she quickly apologized, the prank cost her a job at CNN and sparked criticism from both conservatives and liberals.

As a result of the abuse, Griffin developed a painkiller addiction and even attempted suicide, according to an interview with ABC News broadcast Monday.

Being vaccinated against Covid 19 she added. “The repercussions of not getting vaccinated might have been far more severe,” 

“Please keep your medical checkups up to date,” she stated. “It’ll save your life,” she reassured us.

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