Brandon Blackstock Owes Kelly Clarkson Money – Divorce Costs About $200K Every Month. Kelly Clarkson may be Miss Independent now, but she still can’t completely separate herself from her former spouse. According to The Blast, the singer and TV host have been ordered to pay Brandon Blackstock approximately $200,000 per month in child support during their protracted divorce, which they filed over a year ago in June 2020.

Clarkson has primary physical custody of their two children, River and Remington, and receives $150,000 in spousal support and $45,601 in child support.

Blackstock had earlier requested more than double that amount in support, $436,000 per month, according to reports from November 2020. (The drop can be attributed to Clarkson’s celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who is representing her.)Clarkson must also pay Blackstock $1.25 million in attorney fees and ongoing costs in the divorce, according to the ruling, which was issued on July 27 in Los Angeles County Court.

Clarkson’s monthly earnings, according to The Blast, are over $1.5 million per month, making the $195,000 payment to Blackstock a minor outlay. Since 2007, Blackstock has served as Clarkson’s manager, alongside his father Narvel (Reba McEntire’s ex-husband), and in the aftermath of their divorce, he has also served as Clarkson’s publicist.

Clarkson has also accused the team of defrauding her, claiming they acted as her managers without having talent agency licenses and owing her millions of dollars. (In a subsequent filing, he rejected the allegations, according to Us Weekly.) Blackstock has “made a very conscious choice to shift his life and become a full-time rancher,” according to the latest divorce filing. Apart from the “little time,” he spends working with his lone client, Blake Shelton, he will be abandoning management. Blackstock’s intentions include keeping the couple’s Montana ranch, which Clarkson originally planned to sell, and paying about $81,000 per month in mortgage and upkeep payments.

Clarkson, according to TMZ, sought a judge in early July to declare her legally single before working out technicalities like spousal support. According to the site, Blackstock has argued that the couple’s prenuptial agreement is invalid, causing their divorce to go on even longer. According to Blast, the $200,000 in child support is a temporary figure that could change when the former couple completes the rest of their divorce in court.

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