Loch Ness Monster Spotter Submits Sketch as ‘evidence’ Following 9th Nessie Sighting of the Year. This is the eighth ‘official’ sighting of the Loch Ness Monster this year. The most recent report to the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register includes a drawing of what the visitor from the Northwest of England saw on the lake.

The most recent unusual incident at Loch Ness occurred on July 30 and has been recorded in the register, which keeps track of all sightings of something inexplicable in Loch Ness.

“Mr Veacock coming from the North West of England was pulled up in the final lay by north of the castle examining the lake with his binoculars when he spotted something two thirds across the loch distant,” according to the report, which was supplemented by a Mr Veacock.

“He initially mistook it for a foot high and five feet long, but subsequently compared it to the Jacobite Warrior when it marched through the region.

“As a result, he said that what he saw was easily the length of the railing at the back of that boat, prompting him to re-evaluate what he saw as almost two-foot high and ten to twelve feet long.

“He said that two other families in the layby observed the same thing.”

A drawing of what Mr. Veacock says he observed was included in the report.

The event comes just eleven days after the eighth ‘official’ sighting, which occurred on July 19 when a parent and daughter from Chester saw something strange on the surface of the lake while on a hillwalking vacation.

Another English traveler slammed Loch Ness in a strange one-star TripAdvisor review, saying that the monster didn’t show up.’

He was ‘bitterly disappointed’ after ‘waiting for hours’ for Scotland’s legendary monster to arrive during their vacation.

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