Markie Post, ‘Night Court’ Actress, Dies at 70. Her family announced the death of Markie Post at the age of 70. She was best known for her appearances in series like “Night Court” and “The Kids Are Alright.”

It is with tremendous regret that the family of actress Markie Post announces that she has passed away after a three-year, ten-month struggle with cancer.

“But for us, our pleasure is in who she was in addition to acting,” her family stated. “She created intricate desserts for friends, embroidered curtains for first apartments, and taught us how to be nice.”

The A-Team, Simon & Simon, The Greatest American Hero, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century were among her first acting credits in 1979.

As well as being a regular on ABC’s action thriller The Fall Guy, she is perhaps best remembered for her role as Christine Sullivan in the 1980s television comedy series Night Court.

Ed Asner, Post’s co-star, sent a statement on Twitter. “I am heartbroken to learn of Markie Post’s loss,” he wrote. She was a natural. The opportunity to collaborate with her and John on Hearts Afire was a true blessing. Cancer is the devil’s work! “Markie Post was special.”

Hilarie Burton, Bush’s One Tree Hill co-star who also played Post’s daughter in the 2013 film Christmas on the Bayou, shared her sorrow at Post’s death on Instagram. Despair is not a strong enough term to describe how I feel about this situation.” It was impossible not to fall in love with Markie Post after working on the film in Louisiana with Tyler Hilton,” Burton wrote.

“Everywhere we went, our tiny gang went together. Markie gave us everyone’s harmonica necklaces, and we’d burst into Old Susanna at the drop of a hat. Markie came to my flat and read books to my kid, as well as nourished me as a new mother. She was simply amazing at loving people. It came so naturally to her. I wanted to be loved by the way she talked about her husband and children. “I wished I could LOVE like that,” Burton wrote. “I’m not being eloquent because I’m sad. But I have dozens of letters from this wonderful woman in which she refers to me as “my dear child.” She was kind to me, making me feel secure and seen. Especially in an industry where being a woman could be dangerous.”

“With her, I could drop my guard. She was the perfect combination of lady and dame, a master of domestic arts…but also quick to call someone out. Soon after, she portrayed sophiabush’s mother, making us tv sisters of sorts. She was the type of person that everyone considered a close friend since I don’t think she knew how to be anything less. But to her husband Michael and children Kate and Daisy, we thank you for allowing us to share her with you. It’s been a pleasure to love her.”

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