Mass Shooting in Sacramento leaves 6 dead and 12 injured

Multiple gunmen opened fire downtown early Sunday morning, killing six people and leaving Sacramento with a “broken heart,” according to the mayor. In addition to six people being dead and another 12 people got wounded near 10th and K streets, the police has started investigation.

Officers responded to the sound of shots fired at 2 am in the morning. They found a large group of people gathered at the area along with gunshot victims at the scene. The officers started life saving measures to help the victims on the scene but despite their efforts, six people lost the battle and died at the scene. 

Sacramento Police Chief Katherine Lester said that there were 3 male and 3 females who lost their lives in the incident. The rest who got wounded were taken to the area hospital for treatment. 

Our investigators are working hard to find those who are responsible for this horrific act. We have information that a large fight took place prior to the shooting and there were multiple shooters at the scene. Said Katherine Lester, the Sacramento Police chief.

The investigators are interviewing a large number of witnesses and have found hundreds of pieces of evidence from the scene including a stolen hand gun. The police chief Lester thanked the members of the public for sending in tips and videos of the incident along with some police camera captured videos from a nearby police camera.

The police has asked for the public to send in any evidence they have of the shooting and any video prior to the shooting. Gavin Newsom, the Californian Govt official said that his administration is monitoring the situation. “What we do know at this point is that another mass casualty shooting has occurred,leaving families with the lost loved ones, multiple individuals injured and a community in grief,”

The Investigation Continues  

Sacramento police previously tweeted, “9th St to 13th St is closed between L St and J St while officers investigate a gunshot with many casualties.” “At this moment, the conditions are unknown. Please stay away from the area since there will be a strong police presence and the situation will be busy.”

When shooting started, Lester informed reporters that a huge crowd had gathered in the vicinity, but it was unclear if the mob was tied to a specific location or event.

The California State Capitol, Sacramento City Hall, and the Golden 1 Center, where the Sacramento Kings are slated to play Sunday night, are all within a few blocks of the shooting scene.

In a statement, the Kings stated, “Our community grieves as we mourn those senselessly slaughtered by gun violence today.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been injured, and our hearts go out to all the bereaved families who have been impacted by this senseless act.”

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg expressed his sorrow at the deadly shooting at a press conference on Sunday.

“Our city has a shattered heart this morning. This is an inexcusable and unforgivable disaster, and I stress the term unforgivable “According to Steinberg. “Of course, thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families are appropriate. And there are some who are still fighting for their lives in hospitals. Thoughts and prayers, however, are insufficient. As a city, a state, and a country, we must do more.”

Steinberg termed the country’s fight against gun violence a “disease” and advocated for early intervention and prevention for children and teenagers. Many of the victims’ families had congregated at City Hall, waiting for news, he added.

At the press conference, many city council members urged the Sacramento community to submit any information or video footage from the shooting.

The mayor had previously tweeted, “Words can’t describe my amazement & anguish this morning.” “It’s tough to understand the amount of people who have died or been injured. More information regarding what happened in this unfortunate occurrence is awaited.”