Megan Fox News: On a recent trip to Costa Rica Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox had Ayahuasca. The 35-year-old actress appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night with Arsenio Hall as the acting host during jimmy’s absence.

Fox stated, referring to the tea, which is used as a spiritual treatment and can produce hallucinations, “Therefore, We went to the city of Costa Rica for ayahuasca an appropriate place. “…I thought it was like a type of five-star experience.”

Megan Fox News

Megan fox says she went to hell for eternity during her recent ayahuasca trip with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly the actress shared her intense experience with Ayahuasca. A psychoactive drink used as a spiritual medicine during Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel live fox told guest host Arsenio Hall how she and Kelly went to Costa Rica to take ayahuasca for the first time in her life,

“We went to Costa Rica to do ayahuasca in a proper setting with indigenous people,” the star explained. “We were in the middle of the jungle you don’t get to eat after 1 pm you have to walk a very long distance to get water you can’t shower because they’re in a drought so you can’t use the water you need to respect the rainforest” she added

It’s all part of the process of weakening you so you give up on the experience. The actress stated on the second night, “I went through to hell eternally, simply understanding eternity as pain is all about itself, since there is no beginning or conclusion, and so ego death is practically a psychological torment for you.” Fox and Kelly had a three-night ayahuasca trip that sent her to her personal hell.

It’s about medicine, it covers everything you can in Talk Therapy or Hypnotherapy, and it takes you to the psychological jail that you keep yourself in, this is your own hell version, and I was absolutely there. It was a jail cell.

Megan Fox News: Following fox’s division from her husband, Brian Austin Green, Fox and Kelly acknowledged their romance in June 2020. During the la-la podcast by Randall the next month. In the interview, Fox called kelly, her twin fire. A twin fire is in fact when a soul is rising to a level enough that it may be split into two distinct bodies at once. I feel she stated that Fox actors had opened up in the new horror picture, which was released this month on video on demand.

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