So, of course, one of the longest-running rumors in video games has been this Nintendo switch pro, the new Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo switch revision, and all of this was launched by Nintendo. Bloomberg stated that this would feature a 7-inch OLED screen. They spoke a lot about this system, and the latest was that it would be shown before E3 2021 and then released in September or October. Of course, E3 came and went, and there was no Nintendo switch upgrade announcement.

So I started to lose faith in this thing a little bit. I began to think, well, if Nintendo waits too long, is there even a point in upgrading the Nintendo switch instead of just working on a successor to the system? Well, I guess Bloomberg was correct because a brand Nintendo switch model was announced this morning. It will be released this year, and there’s a lot to share.

Let us talk about the OLED model Nintendo Switch, which will be released this year, and how it will be brought to the table in a proper Nintendo way. Rather than doing this at E3 or making a big hit and announcing it this morning, they’ve also updated their site to speak about this system and that they have a youtube trailer on their channel, and that’s how they told a brand Nintendo Switch. At the latest shareholders meeting, some of the shareholders were a bit disappointed that a new Nintendo switch was not announced before e3 because of all the rumors circulating.

It’s like, why wouldn’t you just show this at E3 if you’re going to do it weeks later, but I mean, Nintendo is going to Nintendo, so this two-minute and 36-second trailer went up as I said. Then they updated a website to give us all the information, so we’re just going to go over this information, talk about what I like about it, and maybe write about what I’m a little disappointed about.

So a gentleman picks up his Nintendo Switch Pro. He’s playing Metroid dread on it, so that’s kind of cool you know they’re trying to promote Metroid dread as much as possible this is going to be an exciting game for Nintendo to see how well it sells, but the 7-inch OLED screen is indeed a reality. Of course, we currently have a 6.2-inch screen on the standard Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo switch light,s so this is a bigger screen and something that many people have wanted with this new release.

It has a better visual style because of the color density, and the actual system itself is not more extensive. It’s just having less of a bezel around the screen. Hence, the form factor and size of the Nintendo Switch is the same as it stands right now, so I think that’s an intelligent decision people who want to upgrade to this OLED uh model of the Nintendo Switch can do that.

They’re carrying cases and whatnot with this without having to upgrade to something specifically for the Nintendo switch OLED model. Another redone thing is the kickstand In previous Nintendo switches. You had that little rinky-dink kickstand that worked but also broke off for a lot of people. Now, Nintendo has done a kickstand that works but also breaks off for a lot of people.

According to Bloomberg, the system would have up to 4k capabilities when playing in docked mode. There were also rumors about DLSS technology to enhance the games you already have, but none of this was mentioned in the trailer, and then we can get more information on this system if you head over to the website.

We get a little bit more information, and we see the same stuff we’ve sort of heard about. Still, there are 64 gigs of internal storage now the standard Nintendo switch only has 32 gigs, so that’s an improvement. People will still use micro sd cards because 64 gigs aren’t all that much but at least any Nintendo switch game that releases as far as games we know can be handled with these specifications.

You know, the actual technical specs of it will have up to 4k capabilities. Is it going to have this technology? I’m sure we’ll learn more about that as the weeks go on but yeah, October 8th, so this is coming up very soon for 350$. I think this will help bolster Nintendo switch system sales as we go.

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