The annual grand event of games faces hurdles as the virus’s fourth wave hinders human activities. The Olympics Torch Event has been canceled as the Covid-19 cases increase in the region. The prefectural government has announced 878 daily new cases on Wednesday, which is record-high data. Besides almost 70% occupation of hospital beds in the area, the health authorities’ key concern is the spread of deadly Covid-19 mutant variants across the country.

“Today, we asked people in the whole of Osaka to refrain from engaging in unnecessary, non-essential outings,” said Yoshimura in a report by Reuters.

Officials are ensuring safety measures and social distancing measures by patrolling restaurants and bars, contributing to the spread of the novel virus. According to the new health policies, residents are suggested to stay indoors as much as possible and only get out when it’s an emergency.

Japan’s vaccination campaign is slower as compared to the rising cases in different parts of the country.

If the occupancy rate of hospital beds exceeds 70%, according to the prefecture protocols, Osaka is bound to declare a local state of emergency.

Governor of Osaka Prefecture Hirofumi Yoshimura declared a medical emergency, saying that the virus is spreading rapidly in Osaka’s western region. He also said the prefecture is considering discussing an alternative plan: holding the events in the city of Suita without spectators in the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, which is a public park on the northern side of the prefecture.

To avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus, roadside spectators are expected to wear masks, practice social distancing and refrain from cheering loudly.

Hyogo and Miyagi, the neighboring prefectures, have also started to follow the virus SOPs, including a crucial lockdown.

Olympics Torch Event Canceled, the Tokyo Olympic torch relay was planned to be held on April 14th, followed by The Games that are scheduled to take place from July 23rd- August 8th.

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