Chick-fil-A has shuttered its almost 40-year-old restaurant in Colorado Springs’ Citadel Mall, but plans to open a new site nearby. According to a sign displayed there, the Atlanta-based fast-food business shuttered its outlet on May 15. The restaurant was located northwest of Academy Boulevard and Pratt Avenue in the heart of the city, in a food court of an enclosed mall.

Customers are encouraged to visit other Chick-fil-A locations by the sign, which reads, “I’m delighted to serve the Colorado Springs community for the last 37 years.” Representatives from Chick-fil-A and Citadel Mall were unable to comment on why the restaurant was shuttered.

One of the causes might be a wish to relocate. Chick-fil-A plans to open a new location in the Citadel Crossing Shopping Center, which is located northeast of the Academy and Pratt and directly across from the Citadel Mall. In March, A presented a proposal to municipal officials stating that it intends to destroy an independent retail structure at Citadel Crossing’s southern end and replace it with a 5,200-square-foot restaurant. 

Those plans appear to have been completed by the chain presently. Patrick M. Nesbitt, the owner and developer of the 500,000-square-foot shopping mall, which first opened in 1988, has inked a lease agreement for approximately 1.1 acres of Citadel Crossing land.

According to Nesbitt, the apparel store Casual Male XL, which is the last surviving company in the retail complex, will reopen in September. Chick-fil-A will destroy the facility and begin construction on a new location this fall once Casual Male departs the organization. The opening date for Nesbitt is set for 2022.

Chick-fil-Citadel A’s mall site, according to Nesbitt, did not attract as many consumers as it had intended. “I believe the mall traffic was insufficient to support them,” Nesbitt said. “They’re used to dealing with a lot of traffic.”

The new restaurant submitted to the city in March features two drive-through lanes, an interior sitting capacity of 88 people, and a 12-seat terrace, according to Nesbitt and numerous Citadel Crossing shops. “The amount of traffic and commerce they produce will be beneficial to everyone in the retail center,” Nesbitt said. “All of the renters are ecstatic that they are moving in. “I’ll do it.”

In Colorado Springs, one Chick-fil-A has closed, but another looks to be on the way. Business Link to the original source In Colorado Springs, one Chick-fil-A has closed, but another looks to be on the way.

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