The devastating earthquake in Turkey has left its people in dire need of help and support. To assist the affected individuals, numerous charitable organizations in Pakistan have taken the initiative to gather funds and gather relief goods. These efforts aim to provide support to those who have been affected by the disaster and bring some semblance of normalcy back to their lives.

Al-Khidamt Foundation 

When it comes to foundations working towards relief and rescue efforts, Al-Khidmat Foundation leads the charge. The foundation has established a unique mechanism for collecting funds for earthquake victims in Turkey. It is actively encouraging individuals to make donations to Al-Khidmat Foundation to support the people affected by this natural disaster.

The Turkish disaster agency has reported that the earthquake that occurred on Monday has claimed the lives of at least 8,574 individuals and injured no less than 49,133 others. The quake struck Southern Turkey and its aftermath has left a profound impact on the region.

Moreover, in the series of powerful earthquakes, at least 2,530 individuals lost their lives and hundreds were injured in Syria. The devastating impact of these natural disasters has left a lasting impact on the affected communities.

The Turkish government and people have always been supportive of Pakistan during times of turmoil. This was recently demonstrated when they offered assistance during the floods that affected half of the Pakistani population. The strong bond between the two countries is a testament to their solidarity in times of need.

To recap, last year’s massive floods resulted in the loss of 1700 lives and the destruction of numerous homes. The Turkish people and foundations stepped up to support the people of Pakistan during their time of crisis. Some of the leading organizations that provided aid during the floods include the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Turkey’s Disaster Management Authority, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, and the Red Crescent. These efforts exemplify the strong bond between the two countries and their commitment to helping each other during difficult times.

Al-Khidmat Foundation also collaborated with the Turkish foundations in providing assistance to the flood victims. In the wake of the recent earthquake in Turkey, Al-Khidmat Foundation has not shied away from its commitment to saving lives and providing support to the affected individuals. The foundation has taken active steps towards helping the people of Turkey in their hour of need.

Time to pay back

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, has established fundraising camps to support Turkey during these challenging times. According to the Prime Minister, it is time to repay Turkey for its kindness during difficult times in Pakistan. The first shipment, which includes tents, medicine, blankets, and other essentials, has been dispatched from Islamabad. The shipment also includes a 50-person rescue team that will be sent via two aircraft.