Rare Tornado Warning Issued then Canceled in Onondaga County warning. Syracuse, New York  Around 12:45 a.m. Monday, an unusual tornado alert was given for sections of Onondaga County, but it was cancelled about 20 minutes later when storms impacted the area.

During an alert, Chief Meteorologist Wayne Mahar followed the storms online. Heavy thunderstorms passed through the state as soon as an extreme weather pattern slammed Central New York late Sunday until early Monday morning.


The following counties in central New York are under a tropical storm WARNING:

Some scattered showers and tornadoes are still possible over our region and if you’re not underneath the severe thunderstorm alert. Here is a detailed online storey regarding our thunderstorm possibilities for the entire region that was written before.

What exactly is a “severe thunderstorm”? 

-A severe thunderstorm has destructive winds of at least 58 miles per hour and/or quarter sized hail or larger.

-These forms of wind and/or severe weather would cause damage to property as well as the possibility of trees and cables falling.

-Even if storms will not become violent, power outages can occur if lightning hits electricity poles or power stations.

What exactly is a “Severe Thunderstorm WARNING”

-A severe thunderstorm WARNING indicates that huge hail, destructive winds, lightning, and heavy rain are imminent along the direction of the storm’s heaviest section.

-Wind speeds of 58 miles per hour or above are considered severe.

-Wind speeds of 70 mph or above can cause significant wind damage.

-Wind speeds of 70 mph or above can cause significant wind damage. Wind speeds of 80 mph or above will cause destructive wind damage.

-Quarter-sized hail is considered severe hail.

-Considerable hailstorm injury is defined as hail the size of a golf ball.

-Destructive hailstorm injury is defined as hail the size of a baseball.

-You must seek refuge as soon as possible.

Here’s what you should do if your location is under a tropical storm warning:

– Whether you are outside, go inside a house, a sturdy building, or an automobile. If there are no buildings nearby, your best bet is to hide in a tunnel or ditches. Boaters must return to shore as soon as possible.

– When inside, proceed to the lowest possible level internal room. Keep your distance from windows and doors. Use no electrical appliances. Except in a crisis, should not use the cellphone.

– Keep your mobile phone charged during the day in the event you need to charge it afterwards.

– Always have a new mobile phone bank/block on hand and fully charged in the event you have to recharge your mobile.


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