Lewis Hamilton News: Red Bull Fume as Lewis Hamilton Thrills Crowd with Glory at Silverstone. Max Verstappen and his Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, were scathing in their criticism of Lewis Hamilton after his controversial win at the British Grand Prix.

Verstappen crashed out after the pair clashed during the race and the Dutchman accused him of “dangerous, disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior”.

Horner was vehement, claiming that Hamilton had put Verstappen’s life in jeopardy, referring to him as an “amateur” and “desperate.” Helmut Marko, the director of the motorsport at Red Bull, added his voice to the chorus, requesting that Hamilton be banned as a result of his actions.

Lewis Hamilton News

Lewis Hamilton News: The only two drivers in contention for the championship this season, Hamilton and Verstappen, had gone wheel to wheel on the opening lap at Silverstone. As Hamilton attempted to pass up the inside of the fast Copse corner, they collided. With a 51G hit, Verstappen has propelled spearing into the barriers at 180 mph. He exited the vehicle and was taken to the hospital for a check-up, after which he was given the all-clear.

After earning a 10-second penalty for being found to have caused the incident, Hamilton went on to win with a fantastic comeback effort.

In a tweet from the hospital, Verstappen conveyed his displeasure.

He wrote, “Very disappointed about being taken away like this.” “The penalty isn’t helpful to us, and it doesn’t reflect the risky action Lewis made on the track. It’s impolite and unsportsmanlike to watch the festivities while still in the hospital, but we’ll move on.”

Horner had been enraged with Hamilton throughout the race and was equally enraged with the world champion’s driving thereafter.

“Lewis is a seven-time world champion, and that was an amateur error, and a desperate error,” he continued. “We were really fortunate that no one was gravely hurt.

“You’re endangering the safety of a fellow competitor. Every GP driver understands that if you don’t stick a wheel up the inside there, there will be serious penalties.

“We were fortunate that no one was seriously injured. That’s what irritates me the most about this movie: the lack of judgment, or misjudgment, and desperation. We got away with it today, thankfully. A 10-second penalty would have seemed trivial if the situation had been much worse.”

Hamilton overcame his penalty to win the race, passing Charles Leclerc for the lead three circuits from the finish and celebrating with the raucously applauding crowd. Horner, on the other hand, agreed with his driver that Hamilton should not have reveled in the manner in which he won.

“I’m not sure how Lewis can take any fulfillment from the success when you have put your kindred rival and driver in an emergency clinic,” he said. “It’s irritating. His activities have risked another driver’s wellbeing and for me that is unsuitable.” When educated regarding Horner’s remarks Hamilton wanted to account for himself. 

“I don’t have anything to say to Christian. It [the win] doesn’t feel empty,” he said. “I’ve not seen the recording, I will return and have the opportunity to consider it, however, I don’t think from my present agreement that I am in a position where I need to apologize for anything. We are out there dashing. I have heard that Max is in the clinic and that unquestionably concerns me. None of us need any of us to get harmed. That is never my expectation, so I trust he is OK. I will hit him up after this to check he is OK. I disagree with the stewards however I endure my punishment and continue ahead with my work. Everyone has an assessment and I don’t actually mind people’s opinion.”

Lewis Hamilton News: Marko was unequivocal in his conviction that Hamilton ought to have gotten a lot more noteworthy authorization. “I don’t have the foggiest idea what the most extreme punishment would be, however such perilous and foolish conduct ought to be rebuffed with a suspension or something,” he said. 

With the discipline previously forced and with Red Bull thinking about yet showing up improbable to make any allure, nonetheless, Hamilton won’t get any further punishment. Because of the success and Verstappen’s DNF, Hamilton has sliced his shortfall to the Dutchman in the big showdown from 33 to eight focuses. 

Hamilton said later on Twitter: “I send me all the best to Max who is a mind-blowing contender. I’m happy to hear he is OK.”

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