Music geeks, rejoice! Spotify has released another in-app experience in the same vein as their annual Wrapped feature: Only You. Spotify characterized the feature, which went live on June 2nd, as “all about celebrating how you listen.” It adds six new lists that organize your music into a variety of different categories.

While Time Of Day and Genres/Topics are self-explanatory, the Audio Birth Chart is unique in that it allows listeners to experience a “musical encounter of cosmic proportions.” 

‘Your Audio Birth Chart’ builds a playlist based on your birthday/astrological sign. ‘Your Sun’ sign reveals the artist you listened to the most in the previous six months. Spotify explained, adding that “your Moon sign reveals an artist you listen to who best represents your emotional or sensitive side.” With an artist you’ve just bonded with, your Rising sign pulls it all together.”

After choosing three of your own musical dinner party guests, ‘Your Dream Dinner Party’ generates a custom Spotify Mix dinner party mix. After you’ve decided on the three, Spotify will develop a bespoke Spotify Mix for each artist to help you set the tone for dinner.

‘Your Artist’ Pairs this experience displays unique audio pairings that you’ve lately listened to, demonstrating your diverse listening tastes. Who else would play Greta Van Fleet after grooving out to Olivia Rodrigo, for example?

Spotify also introduced the ‘Blend’ function today, allowing two friends to listen to music by combining their music into a single playlist. This feature will be available on the Only You hub’s “Made for Two” shelf, allowing you to invite any other Spotify member to collaborate on a playlist with you. The Blend will enable you to ask another Spotify user (free or premium membership) to combine their musical preferences with yours to create a personalized playlist of songs that you both enjoy, utilizing the same mixing technology that powers Spotify’s Family Mix and Duo Mix plans.

spotify wrapped only you

Rather than inventing something altogether new, both the Only You experience and ‘Blend’ depends on technologies Spotify had already created to power other services like Wrapped and other multi-user blended mixes. But the main point here is that Spotify is much ahead of the competition when it comes to customizing tools. Even if competitors are copying its playlists, it wants to be the leader in tailored music.

Spotify will use several prominent artists to promote the release of Only You, including Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, SZA, and others, by providing sets of numbers for specific fandoms. The campaign will go through June 30th.

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