System to govern the world 

It can be tricky to understand world affairs when we talk about the power limitations and form of governments. An amalgam of political thought structure and police makes things more complex to be understood.

If you need to find a form of government we will discuss here some political forms of government. Here are 10 common forms of government.


Democracy is a form of government that gives a chance to the people to choose their leadership. Providing fair representation regardless of creed cast ethnicity and stopping abusing the power is the spirit of democracy. Democracy also advocates free and free elections. Civic participation, human rights protection, and law and order are provided to the citizens by a system of democracy. 

Iceland has witnessed several forms of government since its settlement in 874 AD. it became aware of the independent commonwealth, monarch, and colonial governments for thousands of years. This country became a republic in 1944 and has become the highest-ranked democratic country in the world through the systems of social welfare, universal health care, and tertiary education.


Communism is the form of government in which only one party can rule. It is often considered an authoritarian government. It is also considered a centralized form of government. Karl Marx gave the idea of communism, witnessing the differences among people in the capitalist system. Communism replaced private property and an individual profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of economic production that included labor, capital goods, and natural resources.

Northern Eurasia, has been a one-party communist state from 1922 to 1991. Communism has worked on the ideas given by Marx and Lenin often called Marxism and Leninism. All those countries that are ruled by a single party with Marxist Leninist rulership include Cuba, Lao Vietnam, and the People’s republic of china.


Cooperation rather than competition is encouraged in the system of socialism. Means of production and distribution remain in the hands of the public while the central government manages them. Every person keeps equal value and contributes to the system according to their needs and ability.

Socialism is practiced in the Scandinavian nations, particularly Denmark, Finland Iceland Norway, and Sweden. They all stick to the basic policies of combining free market capitalism with extensive public works. Socialism offers a free health care system, free education, comprehensive welfare states, and a high percentage of unionized workers. This approach combines the fundamentals of communism with the private ownership of and competitiveness of capitalism

When a nation is ruled by a collection of individuals that type of government is called oligarchy. Oligarchs have often ruled like authoritarianism.  

The government that had ruled South Africa from, 1 948 to 1991, was constituted by an oligarchy. The white minority occupied the main positions in this government and the black population was kept deprived of the government’s issues, in short, they were subjected to il humane practices by the oligarchs.