Team USA stunned by Nigeria in rare exhibition Basketball loss ahead of Tokyo Olympics. In their first exhibition basketball game, Team USA suffered a surprising and depressing setback before the Olympics, which Nigeria outscored. Eighty-seven Saturday night. The Americans had been 54-2 in exhibition games at the beginning of the game since they began to play in 1992. Nine years ago, in the London Olympics, Nigeria was beaten by 83 points. Team USA defeated Nigeria in a show by 43 points five years ago.

The talent of Nigeria is presently five NBA players, particularly physical defense and 3-point shooting. But the Americans hurled and removed five All-NBA players.

But the bulk of the opponents, combined to shoot 9 of 30, was rusty and embarrassing. After 15 points, Nigeria only took two out of his first 11 shots, with an eight-point advantage of fewer than two minutes.

Americans rallied furiously and two times had an opportunity to level the ball but were poorly executed. The possession which followed was unclear and didn’t earn a point when the US coach Gregg Popovich shouted out his last 13 seconds remained.

A reasonably isolated game, who spent four days training this week, became apparent that no camaraderie had been formed among the NBA players. The USA has some of the world’s finest isolation players, with guys like Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal.

Nigeria has made 20 of 42, crushing three-pointers, and frequently passed the ball, rotating the US Team, who collected 21 assists. Guard Gabe Vincent, playing for the Heat in Miami, scored 6 out of 8 3 points and completed 21 points. The Israeli League’s Caleb Agada scored three 3 points and completed 17 points.

The defeat is also a disgraceful omen because what happened before an exhibition was lost. A considerable upheaval for one of the FIBA World Cup USA 2019 squad fell to Australia and finished 7th in the World Cup due to defeats to France and Serbia. The club had less skill, but with Gregg Popovich’s same coach.

Team USA has an opportunity to shake off all opponents’ blows on Monday, Australia, and three other matches against Argentina, Australia, and Spain, before the Tokyo Games start.

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