Love it or hate it, we all have heard of the cult famous series “Friends” at least once in our lifetime. The reunion is a nostalgic trip to the gags and laughs of many years of the series. Reminiscing the moments made while watching friends, die-hard fans were really excited. 

The much-awaited reunion finally happened after long delays due to the pandemic restrictions. It is now available on HBO Max and you can watch it any time with your…..friends! 

The six actors: Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer all the big stars reunite at one show. After ten seasons, the insanely famous US sitcom ended in 2004.

The 1hr 39min reunion show, which was made available to the press on Wednesday, includes table reads, trivia games, fashion shows, archive clips, and celebrity interviews.

And in case you are wondering what did they get for reuniting: a whopping collective amount of 15$, to spend this precious time together.

The fact that it ended 17 years ago and the series itself was first aired 27 years ago is enough to invite nostalgic blues. 

The much-anticipated Friends Reunion

But is disappointing to the fans is this: pretentious pomp and show, trying to make the show look “grand” than what it already is. As Rolling Stone mentioned it is “an overproduced affair with too many guest stars and detours”. Bombardment of cameos is also one of the reasons why this reunion was a bit over the top.

The only time the audiences seem to genuinely like the content was when the host was not asking them questions but the friends cast itself was interactive with each other, that did not seem staged at all.

Friends fans frequently say that every situation in life can be compared to a Friends episode’s storyline. While some parts of this reunion feel a little padded out, it’s still a classy and enjoyable special that won’t disappoint fans.

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