The next PM of the United Kingdom

If we follow the footprints of history, to compete to take on the top job, it is usual for a foreign minister and a former chancellor. There are other ways in which the current political drama in the United Kingdom is exceptional. 

Next candidates of United Kingdom

The candidates for prime minister of the United Kingdom 2022 are, Rishi Sunak, the former chancellor of the Exchequer, and Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, one of them will be the next prime minister in the United Kingdom. For the leadership of the governing conservative party over the summer, these two politicians will be competing with each other. It is expected that in the first week of September the result of the party poll will be announced.

How this political drama is different from others in the past. It is not exceptional to change the prime minister between general elections. Every prime minister has either taken or lost office between general elections or both since 1974.

The transfer of the prime minister’s office this time is somewhat different from the previous exchanges. In the history of the United Kingdom, no prime minister resigned due to mass resignations of other ministers. That’s why this removal is unique in history.

And in two televised debates between candidates for the party leadership, many contenders denounced all or part of the government’s record and its economic policy. Such criticism even came from current ministers, who are supposedly bound by the doctrine of collective ministerial responsibility.

The authority in the office of prime minister has been misused by former prime minister Borisjhoson. The new prime minister of the United Kingdom who will be replacing the former has to rebuild the credibility of the office itself. So becoming a new prime minister before the general election or the successor being a senior minister is not something one should consider unusual.

Prime minister Polling  

The poll for votes will be held on September 2  and the result of the winner will be announced on September 5. The new general election has to be called by the end of next year and has to take place by January 2025. Keeping the general elections in view the new prime minister had limited time to restore the credibility of the highest office.

It is the conservative party that has been in government since 2010. Voters turned against the parties in the 1964 1997and 2010 general elections to experience change. There is a rare case that the same will happen again. This happens only when the opposition party is largely united and focused than ever as it is now. 

The new prime minister has to work with more focus because of the intense pressure of re-election that is scheduled next year. Along with this, he has the responsibility to revive the credibility of the office which has been shaken by the former prime minister johnson.