Thomas Tuchel pledges to see out season at crisis-hit Chelsea

After Chelsea put their precarious position behind them and beat Newcastle United courtesy to a spectacular goal from Kai Havertz, Thomas Tuchel stated that he will not resign before the conclusion of the season.

Chelsea are in limbo after the UK government imposed fines on Roman Abramovich, and they face huge financial issues despite being granted a special licence to operate. However, there is hope that a sale will be completed soon, with possible buyers having until Friday to make ideas, and interested parties will undoubtedly be delighted to learn that Tuchel has no intentions to depart at this time.

 “There’s no question I’ll be here until the end of the season,” Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho stated. “All we can do now is wait day by day since anything might happen.” The club is up for sale, but perhaps it will be successful. So, which is a decent method to live your life day by day? There are certain things we can’t change, but that gives us the opportunity to concentrate on the ones we can.

“We’re concentrating on the first team, our players, and myself.” Chelsea, on the other hand, is considerably more than just a first-team club. It’s a vast club with a long history, and there are hundreds of employees – not just the players – so it’s critical that we demonstrate the spirit and provide a diversion.”

Tuchel was asked if he thought it was weird that Chelsea had been singled out as a target as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, whereas Newcastle, which is owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, has received comparatively less attention. Saudi Arabia, which is also at war in Yemen, reported on Saturday that 81 individuals had been executed in the preceding 24 hours.

Tuchel stated, “That’s a major question.” “Unfortunately, the owners of Newcastle are in this predicament. I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to point fingers since criticising others or comparing yourself to others will not change our circumstance. Our position that we oppose war and what is occurring in Ukraine remains unchanged. There’s no denying it.

“At some point, we have to accept the league’s methodology for determining who owns a team.” We’re just employees, therefore we have to trust the system. When you work for a corporation that does unethically and morally incorrect things, you have to trust the process. Sometimes we need to inquire about the process, such as how things are going; it’s possible that this is a continuous process that will never finish, and it just reminds us to be awake and cognizant of it and not look away.”

On Sunday, Eddie Howe was questioned about the executions and Newcastle fans waving Saudi Arabia flags. Newcastle’s manager stated, “I’m simply going to stick to football.” “I’m still really upset with the outcome.”

The fines had a clear impact on Abramovich in this case. There were no programmes for sale, the club shop was closed, and the mood inside and outside the stadium was frequently muted. Chelsea has asked the government to relax the restrictions of the licence even more.

Petr Cech, Chelsea’s technical adviser, stated that the immediate goal was to guarantee the club finished the season and paid its employees. “Hopefully, everything will clear up shortly,” he remarked. “We’re hoping that the club’s employees will be able to get paid.”

“My latest knowledge is that we have an aircraft, that we can go by plane and come back by plane,” Tuchel said of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Lille on Wednesday. Otherwise, we use the train, the bus, or I drive a seven-seater! And that is exactly what I shall do. “Mark my words, I’m going to do it.”

If Nick Candy’s attempt to acquire Chelsea is successful, he has promised to include a fan representation on the board of directors.

“If Mr Candy’s bid is successful, he will campaign for a fan representative to be appointed to the board so that fans may participate in the decision-making process,” a Candy spokeswoman stated. “If the club needed money to function in the near term, Mr Candy would be pleased to help guarantee it has the required financial means, subject to government clearance,” a spokeswoman for him added.

The frontrunners to acquire the club are a group led by Todd Boehly, Hansjörg Wyss, and Jonathan Goldstein. Saudi Media is also likely to make a bid.