US Midterm Election results

After the year 2016, every post-election analysis has included how pollsters seemed to underestimate Republican support and eventually pay for it. There were recalibrations, only to see Republicans still outperform the polls held and win it. This year, there has been heavy doubt about which polls to trust and which not to consider authentic. Several Republican-aligned firms have released polls showing GOP candidates in the lead or within striking distance of states that Democrats have now comfortably won or are leading with a heavy margin, including New Hampshire.

Staid outlets have released polls with good results for Democrats that were met with disbelief by the people. To be sure, the post-mortem can’t be done until the final vote totals are in, which will take a while before it reaches a decisive figure. News outlets are comfortable making projections for victory even as margins might still narrow and the election is far from finished. But there’s a chance that results would counter the “traditional polling is dead” narrative that had been brewing and proliferating among the people. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom wins the second term and will be expected to run in the future for other seats. 

By the Associated Press

Democrat Gavin Newsom easily won a second term as California’s governor on Tuesday, beating a hardly known Republican state senator by mostly ignoring him while campaigning against the policies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, two leading Republicans who like Newsom may run for president in the coming elections.

Early returns showed Newsom with 61% of the votes in a state where there are nearly twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans and outnumber them by a fair margin.

It was the second decisive statewide victory for Newsom in barely a 12-month time. In September 2021, he easily beat back an attempt to kick him out of an office that was fueled by anger over the policies he adopted during the pandemic. The failed recall solidified Newsom’s political power in California, leaving him free to focus on the future — which many expect will include a run for President in near future.

By the Associated Press

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was elected to an eighth term Tuesday, defeating Democrat Michael Franken and putting himself in a position to be the most senior among all the senate members. 

Grassley beat the retired Navy admiral after a race that had been seen as more competitive and the competition was fierce, unlike the typically easy victories the veteran Republican had achieved since first being elected to the Senate in 1980.

Grassley said in his victory speech that We’re living amid disruption, the midst of frustration, of transformation, of deeply held and vastly different points of view in America. He recalled what happened in the presidential campaign, that the Democrats and Biden wanted to transform America. He said he wants to preserve America.

Franken had cast Grassley, 89, as an entrenched politician who has served for a very long time now and also contributed a great deal to Washington partisanship.