What is a Blue Alert? Notification sounds off on Florida phones seeking help in finding Daytona Beach gunman. On Thursday, somewhere around 1 pm in Volusia County, they activated the Blue Alert, activating an emergency alert pop-up in Florida phones. The link leads to some photos and some texts on a suspect.

Daytona Beach Blue Alert gunman

Othal Wallace is on the run from Law enforcement agencies for shooting a cop on duty. He was wearing a yellow shirt and a black beanie and was last seen in the 100 block area of Kingston Avenue in Daytona Beach, Florida. A BLUE Alert was shared with a link to the culprit’s identity and his visual identification.

The Blue Alert Foundation supports the families of defeated officials and advances the adoption of a Blue Alert statute in each country to serve and protect the law enforcement community. The legislation, when adopted, promotes apprehension by the public via media and government reports using available information and descriptions of the perpetrator of offenders who murder or badly harm law enforcement officials. 

This alerting system is designed to “speed up the arrest of violent offenders, killing or gravely harming local, state, or federal law enforcement personnel,” accordingly to the Blue Alert Foundation Inc. website.

https://www.flmissing.com/322343.jpg  Blue Alert Link

Criteria for Blue Alert to be issued:

1. A law enforcement officer must have been badly injured, killed by a subject(s), or gone missing while on duty under circumstances that raise concerns about the officer’s safety.

2. The investigating agency must conclude that the offender(s) poses a severe threat to the public or other law enforcement personnel. The alert may serve to prevent future harm or aid in the arrest of the culprit.

3. A comprehensive description of the offender’s car or other modes of escape (vehicle tag or partial tag) must be made public.

4. The Blue Alert must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency with authority.

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