Who is Lamont Marcell Jacobs, Italy’s First Fastest Man? He was born in El Paso, Texas, to an Italian mother and an American father but relocated to Italy at the age of six months when his parents split. A year ago, Jacobs was reunited with his father, who bears the same name.

As a result of Lamont Sr at Sunday’s final, Jacobs said he was delighted to have his father back in his life. Lamont Sr. sent Jacobs some words of support before the race.

“I’ve lived my entire life without my father,” Jacobs added. “The question “Who is your father?” comes up a lot. There is nothing I can tell you. I was trying to start a fresh relationship with him, but it was unsuccessful. It was a really crucial issue to me personally.”

Lamont Marcell Jacobs: It’s official: Usain Bolt has retired, and his absence in Tokyo has opened the door for a solid and competitive field to compete for his title as the world’s fastest man on Sunday, regardless of their age. When the time comes, who will pick up the torch? One of the Americans? Andre De Grasse, a Canadian superstar? The South African, Akani Simbine?

Lamont Marcell Jacobs, an Italian sprinter, enters the scene.

A little-known Italian born in El Paso won the first 100-meter final of the post-Bolt era, clocking a mark of 9.80 seconds. Fred Kerley of the USA won silver with a time of 9.84, while De Grasse of Canada took home bronze.

Jacobs not only surprised the world but also startled himself.

I am speechless,” he exclaimed in English after the race. “My ultimate goal is to make it to the finals. When we compete in a final, we usually come out the winner. It’s incredible. This moment is beyond description.”

Even to his fellow competitors, a complete unknown, Jacobs posted the third-fastest time during the semifinal round.

Kerley responded, “I know nothing about him.”

On the other hand, Jacobs estimates that it will take him four to five days to process the event entirely. This young man is suddenly on the fast track to stardom after 9.8 seconds of magic.

Is there anything you’d want to say to Americans who are just learning about you? That was the question posed by an American reporter in the aftermath of the race. What do they need to know about him? What should they avoid?

With a smile. “Hey, I’m here.” “I’m here,” he said.

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