Who is Love Island’s Aaron Simpson? Aaron says he’s looking forward to the show and hopes to leave with a “worldie.” He adds: “I’m ready to settle down now that I’ve got all the player stuff out of the way.” Aaron says that Chloe or Mary is his ideal match at the time but that he doesn’t have his eggs all in one basket.

His ideal match is “someone with enough personality to put me in my place.” “I’m extremely confident and I can talk for hours, so it’s probably simple to leave me to do all the talking in certain situations.”

To escape getting sent off the island, a group of single candidates will do their best to date, flirt, and couple up.

Aaron Simpson is one of the candidates that will be appearing in the cast this year.

Aaron, a 24-year-old footballer from Kent, plays for Kent County FC.

When it comes to dating, Aaron says: “I’m a lot more laid-back now than I was when I was younger.” Aaron began playing football at the age of four or five and signed his first professional contract at the age of seventeen. 

“Many people would assume that I go on many dates, but in reality, I am pretty selective about who I choose as a partner. There are instances when it is difficult to tell if someone is sincere or not. How my mother guards me is admirable. Mumsy’s permission is always required, without a doubt.”

Aaron’s relatives and friends describe him as “a really cheeky man. Constantly joyful and always laughing. A great person to be around.”

Aaron explains what he’s looking for in a partner: “Someone that is family-oriented because my family is really important to me. I have a large family so someone who can deal with that. Someone that isn’t very serious, since I am a pretty spontaneous person, would be ideal.”
You can check him out on Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

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