Why Nets’ James Harden was Detained, Rapper Lil Baby Arrested in Paris. On Thursday, Nets player James Harden was briefly stopped and frisked by police in Paris while allegedly attempting to speak out on behalf of rapper Lil Baby. This was followed by a search of Lil Baby’s automobile, which smelled strongly of cannabis, a prohibited drug in France.

According to the French daily Le Parisien, a video shot by witnesses shows Harden and another guy having their trousers pockets checked by authorities.

Why Nets' James Harden was Detained, Rapper Lil Baby

According to the incident report, authorities first requested Harden and Jones to depart a car after smelling marijuana.

According to the publication, police arrived in the area at 4:50 p.m. local time to investigate complaints of males exiting a car that smelled like marijuana, which is considered illegal in France. 

Harden was “neither detained nor thrown in jail,” according to the Paris prosecutor’s office (via sources), but Lil Baby (real name Dominique Jones) was arrested along with an unnamed guy and accused of narcotics trafficking. According to ESPN, cops recovered 20 grams of cannabis in the vehicle. Just hours before his alleged arrest, famous YouTuber Logan Paul discussed Lil Baby on his podcast, prompting the rapper to respond.

“I’m all for new artists, but I have no idea what he’s saying with this one in particular. I don’t have any. And it all sounds the same, and his tone is the same; everything is the same. “I’m going to give him a year,” Paul remarked.

Lil Baby was alerted to the comments and reacted on Twitter, asking, “Logan who?” and “More like, give em a year to get 100ms.”

Lil Baby and Harden are buddies and have a common interest in music.

“He’s got a tremendous ear for music,” Lil Baby told Billboard about Harden. “That’s how he and I became connected on a deeper level. He is a huge music fan.”

During Fashion Week, Harden was seen with a bunch of well-known personalities that included Lil Baby and Kanye West. The NBA and the Brooklyn Nets have not responded to the event.

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