2021 WWE Money in the Bank results, Recap, Grades John Cena returns to WWE after the Epic Main Event. It’s WWE Money in the bank. 2021. This evening had some critical questions to solve, including who would win the briefcases. Are there going to be any colossal title changes, any big shocks, and of course, are there going to be any big special appearances from the numerous individuals reported in the build-up to this event, such as John Cena, for example, Becky Lynch, possibly the Rock, Steve Austin or Blackman? All of the great titans of sports entertainment might be involved.

WWE Money in the bank 2021 starts with the smackdown tag team title battle with the Usos trying to steal the belts from Dominic. Rey Mysterio is definitely humming with this being the first pay-per-view back in front of a live audience since Wrestlemania. Even the Usos receive tremendous response. When they make their enigmatic entrance, they come out of a portal as they do. The match follows a reasonably conventional tag team pattern, with the heels isolating and beating down Dominic until he finally wins the hot tag to Rey. He prepares for the 619 he’s dialing. Still, Jimmy takes the bullet for Jay Uso, a really creative and unusual location sold off the back of that Jay Uso hits the splash, but Ray kicks out.

2021 WWE Money in the Bank results

I assumed that was the end. Jimmy gets the tag rolls up Rey, and Jay Uso from the outside uses his legs for hidden leverage behind the revs back. We have new Smackdown tag team champions with a title change on the pre-show.

Oscar fights against Naomi, Alexa, Bliss, Liv, Morgan, Natalia, Tamina, Zelena, Vega, and Nikki Ash, almost superheroes in the Women’s WWE Money in the Bank ladder match.

Everyone goes for ladders at the start, except for Bliss, standing on the middle rope since entering the match. She was the first entrant, and she’s just standing there for so long. I was really impressed and confused by this or just me. Bliss stands in the middle of the ring under the briefcase with everyone else fighting over ladders on the outside.

She appears to be about to telekinesis down into her grip till they return to the arena and begin brawling, but was she really going to do that what live morgan attempts to scamper up to? She had a couple of chances, and I honestly had her as the winner of this bout because of her emotional promo on the opening show. She was almost in tears, and it indeed seemed like this was her moment, but she doesn’t have a chance because it’s now time for more weird happiness things. Nikki Ash’s is the Miss WWE Money in the Bank.

Following that, we have the raw tag team title match with AJ styles and Olmos defending the belts against the Viking raiders, who love having fun and Vikings. AJ tags in almost immediately and quickly take down both of the Viking raiders. It’s worth noting at this point that despite them being the heels, the crowd is going all out for AJ and Olmos, especially when Olmos launches AJ over the thigh. As we’ve seen before, he’s involved a little bit more than we’re used to. The Viking raiders focused too much on Olmos at one point because it’s hard not to when he’s seven feet tall, but this means that AJ almost gets the win with a sneaky roll-up from behind. The raiders managed to turn things around and hit their big double-team finish on AJ. Still, Olmos shoves Eric from the apron into a chokeslam to retain the belts.

2021 WWE Money in the Bank results, Recap, Grades John Cena returns to WWE

The WWE title bout follows, with Lashley facing off against Kofi Kingston as the bell sounds. MVP grabs Kofi’s leg from the outside, Lashley charges. Still, Kofi avoids the spear and gets a roll-up for one, but can you imagine Bobby taking control very quickly and utterly dominating Kofi throughout this contest, throwing him into the ring post a couple of times, slamming him? Down with suplex after suplex. It’s very one-sided; he locks in the hurt locker. Still, Kofi either slips out, or bob Lashley hits a dominator, followed by another dominator, followed by another dominator. Apart from a few right-hands here and there, I don’t think Kofi has hit a single move since that roll-up at the beginning. Bobby locks in the Hurt lock, and Kofi very limply poorly bottoms out, and that’s it. Lashley looked very impressive indeed.

Men’s money in a Bank ladder match with a solid field and the potential for a great battle. Kevin Owens takes on the riddle as he walks out to officially open the introductions for this match. Ricochet,  Nakamura, Biggie Smalls, and John Morrison. There are many names in this one, including Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre, so we’ll see how it goes and whether all of our wishes come true.

First, John Morrison and Seth Rollins have a drip off on the outside until riddle and ricochet put an end to that with some big dives. Bodies are flying everywhere in this one. It’s a bit chaotic until the drip squad assembles with Rollins and Morrison teaming up and using a ladder to take control of the match; the most damage is done to Kevin Owens, who takes a double vertical suplex.

Seth ultimately breaks the drip alliance by striking Morrison with the ladder, but this is a mistake since the other guys in the match surround him. Riddle does an RKO now it’s Drew McIntyre’s chance to run wild dishing out claymores and future shock DDTs and even hitting a huge dive to the outside he climbs it looks like he may be ready to win, but he is stopped off by Vir and Shanky, which implies Jinder mahal is not far behind. He beats Drew with a steel chair on the ramp, and they all take him to the back of the ring, where ricochet displays his remarkable athleticism. Riddle shoves Spider-Man off the ladder, and ricochet sets one foot on the top rope and jumps off with an incredible dive towards the audience on the outside.

Soon after, it’s Nakamura’s chance to rise, but John Morrison stops him with the drip stick, but Owens takes Morrison down and lands a shocker. Owens climbs, but Seth Rollins stops him, and we get maybe the greatest spot of the fight with a massive powerbomb over the top rope that sends Owens through a ladder bridge. Hopefully, he’s okay since all the officials were checking on him. They even looked to be there at the end of the match, but perhaps they were selling the impact. I certainly hoped Seth climbs, but he is stopped by Big E, who climbs up with him and smashes a big ending off the ladder with no one to stop him. Big E scales the ladder alone, grabs the briefcase, and the New Mr. WWE Money in the Bank. This was a fascinating ladder match with fast and furious action, and hopefully, everyone is okay after it.

Finally, in the night’s main event, the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Edge, we get a plodding and tentative start with Edge messing around with Roman early on, slapping him in the face and taking him down to the mat, and Roman rolls outside to Heyman for some advice from his special counsel. Heyman riles Roman up by asking him what his father would do right now to educate him about seeker. I appreciate this acknowledgment of the past and its seekers.

Three-tag titles Reigns is undeniably impressive. I feel like Roman could have accomplished a little bit more. It works, though, since Roman takes complete control over Edge from this point on, pounding him down and wearing him out for quite some time following Roman’s dominance. Edge reverses a superman punch into a backslide for two, and now Edge is on fire, and he begins to go through his arsenal of moves. On commentary, Edge locks in what they call across the face. Still, it looks more like an STF to me at first, but then he transitions into a cross face, and Roman has to really struggle to make the ropes, which he does. Edge goes for a spear, but Roman locks in the guillotine, and Edge is fading, but then he drives them both through the ropes to the outside.

Edge moves and Roman crashes through the timekeeper’s area as Roman grabs for a spear. Edge charges with a spear, knocking Roman through the crowd barrier before taking him back to the ring and getting a two-count superman punch knocking edge into the ref, who goes down. Then Roman decides it’s time to bring weapons into play, breaking off a piece of the chair and locking in that cross face. Still, edge fights back and locks it in himself. Remember, this made Roman tap on Smackdown. 

Although it wasn’t in an official match, Roman retains. However, Rollins rushes back to the ring and beats down Edge before having a bit of a staredown with Roman. However, before anything can really develop, Edge attacks Rollins and throws him outside of the ring. They brawl to the back through the crowd. Heyman tosses Roman a microphone, and Roman adds, “Now the whole world can recognize me.” As John Cena’s music starts playing, the audience goes completely crazy. 

As Cena enters the ring, it’s just a massive reception for John Cena, as we suspected it would be if he showed up, which he did, thankfully. It’s a big dramatic ending to the show. When Cena gets in the ring, he’s only half paying attention to Roman, who looks crestfallen and a little annoyed as well.

Cena finally faces Roman and tells him; you can’t see me and then poses for the crowd. Everyone has a nice happy ending to the show except Roman, who looks very annoyed indeed. I’ve got a feeling Roman will beat the hell out of John Cena, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens, and that’s an exhilarating ending to the show a bit of a slow burn of the main event.

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