Andy Murray Frustrated with how to leave Wimbledon, raising question marks about his future. Andy Murray was dissatisfied with the way he exited Wimbledon at the hands of Denis Shapovalov.

Andy Murray has expressed concerns about his future after being “very upset” with the manner in which he departed Wimbledon at the hands of Denis Shapovalov.

The 34-year-old had won back-to-back Grand Slam matches for the first time since his hip troubles began in 2017, but 10th seed Shapovalov was a step up from Nikoloz Basilashvili and Oscar Otte, and Murray was easily defeated.

Murray was applauded as he exited centre court and will now concentrate on the Tokyo Olympics, where he will defend the singles championship he won in London and Rio de Janeiro.

Murray had wondered why he would want to give up such possibilities after his triumph against Basilashvili, but those two opposing feelings were playing on the Scottish man’s head.

“It was fantastic to play in front of the audience again,” he remarked. I’ve gotten a lot of help here. It means a lot to me. Something I overlooked. It serves as a reminder of why you are doing it. everything, even the job

“On the other side, going through games and feeling well physically and not being harmed is a plus.

“It’s fantastic, but there’s a part of me that feels like I’ve worked so hard over the previous three months just to end up not playing how I want or want, and I wonder whether it’s worth it.

“Is all that training and whatever you do in the gym worth it unless you can practise and develop your game and earn matches and a series of tournaments?” what are you doing?

“There is a part of me that feels that way because I have wonderful recollections of that event and have played in fantastic environments. But I ended the game today and told my teammates, “I’m just not satisfied with the way I played.”

“So, until my team and I can figure out a method to keep me on the pitch for a continuous length of time and enable myself to train the way I need to compete with these players, that’s when the conversations about what I’ll do next begin.

“Because I put in a lot of effort to get there, but I’m not able to practise and prepare the way I need to in order to do well at these events.

“I am not expecting or claiming to defeat Denis Shapovalov. He is a fantastic player. But I believe I can perform far better than I did tonight.”

Murray’s defeat was also a win for the Scotsman, who was able to compete in a Grand Slam for the first time in his career.

The Scot, who also played two tough best-of-three sets at Queen’s Club, was candid about his week, adding, “(It’s) been really wonderful in some aspects, but it’s also frustrating.” I’ve played two long games, which is a lot more than I’ve done in the last six months.

So if my game isn’t exactly physically proper, if I’m not flawless, or if I’m not physically fresh, it’s going to be difficult for me.

“It’s really upsetting because I feel like I put in a lot of effort to get to this stage, and obviously losing like that is difficult. Being able to compete with him. I don’t want to deprive him of anything. performance.

He performed admirably. But if I’m going to put in so much effort, I want to perform better than I did here. Despite the fact that there were some happy occasions.

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