Brazil Beats Chile at Copa America despite 2nd Half Red Card. RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, has declared a state of Brazil, the defending Copa America winners, advanced to the semi-finals with a 1-0 win against Chile on Friday. Lucas Paquetá, a substitute, scored the game’s sole goal just seconds before Gabriel Jesus was sent off at the opening of the second half.

Paquetá’s goal in the 46th minute in the left corner of Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo gave Brazilian fans optimism that the Seleçao would advance to the next round. However, Jesus was sent out only two minutes later after landing a flying kick on Chilean Eugenio Mena.

After the game, Neymar and Brazilian coach Tite stated that Jesus did not notice Mena and unintentionally booted him as he attempted to collect the ball in midfield.

Brazil worked so hard defensively that Chile had fewer shots on goal after Jesus was sent off than he did throughout his time on the field; two to three.

“Defending effectively is one of our strengths,” Brazilian Thiago Silva remarked. “Regardless of what we accomplished today, we conceded few goals. We never created obvious opportunities till we were ten. I am really proud of this squad for their tenacity.

Paquetá came on following a tight first half in which neither team had many chances. He takes the place of Roberto Firmino.

Brazil continued to pose a threat to Chile with Neymar’s skill and fast counterattacks. Chile, on the other hand, was considerably closer to equalising; a goal by Eduardo Vargas was called out for offside, and Anglo-Chilean Ben Brereton struck the crossbar with a header in the 68th minute.

A worn-out After the game, Neymar stated that playing with 10 men was a tremendous challenge for Brazil. He didn’t score as he had in previous Copa America games, but he was crucial in keeping possession.

“Every game, we have to pass tests to make us stronger, to prove that we can do it in any situation,” Neymar explained. “We had to stick together. It was really tough to do.

Arturo Vidal of Chile has stated that his team will exit the competition with some pride.

“We were defeated by a strong squad, a favourite playing at home,” he explained. “If we continue to play as we did today, with a little more time to prepare, this squad will certainly recover its energy. We’re hoping to make it to the World Cup. It will be challenging, but we will succeed.

Peru progressed to the Copa America semi-finals after defeating Paraguay 4-3 on penalties following a 3-3 stalemate in regulation in the most thrilling Copa America game in history.

Brazil and Peru met in the 2019 Copa America final, which the hosts won 3-1. During this match in Rio’s Maracana stadium, Jesus was also ejected. The encounter on Monday will be played at the same Nilton Santos venue where Brazil defeated Chile.

Tite, the Brazilian coach who was recently punished by CONMEBOL, the South American football governing body, for criticising the tournament’s structure, has once again questioned the condition of Nilton Santos’ field, despite small improvements made recently.

“If I had watched from home, I would have said it could have been a good game, and look what it has become… “Ederson struggled to score goals,” Tite remarked. “Please be accountable. I agree that people are working to enhance the surface, but we need to locate a better pitch to play on.

On July 10, the Copa America final will be contested at Maracana Stadium.