Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset: Apple is going to launch a mixed reality headset. It is right here on Mac rumors. The company is claiming that they will announce in the coming months at an in-person function. Although the Apple Glasses (along with AirTags and even an Apple Car) is the most awaited gadget for the consumers this year, the reality headset rumors have now entered the competition of anticipation too.

The headset is said to be consisting of both VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the gadget is rumored to have fifteen cameras built into it. Apple is considering having this many cameras in a single gadget because of their vision to enhance the virtual experience and gather as much as possible from the outside world. Moreover, the cameras will also be detecting the user’s eye movements. By tracking the user’s eye movements, the resource’s power can be channelized to areas where it is needed.

Besides the AR/VR technology and multiple cameras, this gadget is expected to be consisting of dual-curved 8K displays.

The mixed reality headset is rumored to launch next year and will be worth approximately $3,000. It is said that this device is aimed more at developers than regular customers and could be the way Apple’s way of getting into the AR marketplace.

These details are provided in a newsletter written for Bloomberg by Mark Gurman. Gurman reports how Apple wants to unveil its headset at an ordinary event, despite the success of the online product launch and the virtual WWDC 2020 last year.

Gurman explains that Apple wants to get the launch of its headset just right because it’s a whole new product category for the company, the first new one since the Apple Watch debuted in 2015. It means being able to more closely control how the headset is presented and is best accomplished at an event at Apple headquarters — as long as doing so does not endanger attendees’ health.

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