Big Mac’s comeback: McDonald’s to reopen in Ukraine

When Moscow attacked Ukraine in February this year, the burger giant pulled its business out of Ukraine. MacDonald keeps 109 branches in that country. Next month, Macdonal will start working in the war-torn country that decided to pull out of Russia. Return on investment is a sign of normalcy, where soldiers have struck havoc since February.

Giant burger company

MacDonald, a giant burger company, pulled back sling with the other companies out of Russia. The burger giant pulled back for Russia invaded Ukraine last February, and this vast company did not seize the pay of its employees-10,000 in number. However, Russia invaded Ukraine, which envisaged an existential threat due to encircling NATO.

Macdonalds said this week that it would return to Ukraine to run its business for other foreign companies are doing their businesses in western Ukraine-no attack has been done there yet. Some companies still working in Ukraine are Nike, KFC, a Spanish clothing retailer, and other companies still operating in Kyiv-a capital city.

Ukrainian economy

The Ukrainian economy is on the brink to collapse by the Russian invasion, and even a tiny investment gives a sense of relief to the troubled people. According to the IMF, the Ukrainian economy will likely shrink to 35 percent this year. There are 109 branches of MacDonald in Ukraine, but it is not yet confirmed how many will reopen-it could also not be imagined which location will reopen first for the customers and employees. The company said that during the next few months, that would talk to the vendors for supplies in the restaurant, prepare stores, bring their employees back, and launch safety procedures before coming back to track while the war is still in progress eastern side.

 MacDonald shuttered

With the reopening of the branches in Ukraine, MacDonald announced selling its 850 franchises in Russia and wanted to put pressure o Russia politically, for they went against the international laws and threatened the freedom of the sovereign country. It has been three decades since MacDonald opened its first branch in Russia, and politically it also helped to ease the tension during the cold war era. When MacDonald shuttered its hundreds of franchises in march this year in Russia, it cost the company about $55M. The company had not closed its branches, nor did it exit from the international market before this.

A person named Alexandar Egorov, a resident in Siberia, had the license of 25 MacDonalds branches, and he started to reopen the same branch with the new name Vkusno-i-Tochka or Tasty period.


War in Ukraine has put the whole world in trouble, for exports 40 percent of its grain to the world, and the migration of people from Ukraine towards the east has raised the refugee crisis. Those at the helm should take decisions wisely, for many exports predict accidental nuclear war.