Boris Johnson News: Boris Johnson Declared 19th July as Britain’s Freedom Day. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has finally thought of announcing the 19th of July as ‘the Freedom Day’ of Britain from this fatal pandemic. Mr. Boris Johnson said that he will lift the maximum restrictions and people will be allowed to freely practice wearing masks and maintaining distance. They will not be forced by any government official. After almost 2 years finally, the government has got its hands over Covid-19 and people will be told to practice it as a normal disease like flu. 

Boris Johnson Declared 19th July as Britain's Freedom Day

He further asserted that if God forbid and the country is hit by another deadly variant of Covid, to which vaccines are not responsive, the government will take proper measures to save the public. They will take all the necessary precautions. 

The prime Minister’s main goal is to return the country back to life and bring prosperity to the nation. Starting from the school where he thinks the pupils need proper attention as due to the epidemic children couldn’t go to school regularly and online classes have affected the studies of many children. He thinks going back to school is important for students to learn new things and understand them. According to the PM, this is now that we tell our children to be brave and fight instead of keeping them home. He said that the way forward is with testing rather than sending them home.

Out of all the rules, travel restrictions will still be followed. He told that the border restrictions will still be followed and the countries with red lists will not be allowed to travel on British Airlines. He stated that his country is free from this disease and he doesn’t want any other variant to jump in by opening the travel restrictions. Side by side the restrictions of traveling will be followed within the country as well. People will be told to ensure the distance between them at least. The PM focused that the people should be concerned about themselves and follow the rules to keep themselves safe.  

The Health Secretary added that the vaccines have been of enormous help, he said, “ The vaccines are building a wall of protection against the hospitalization.” He said that the death rate due to Covid is as low as 1% and the vaccines are helping people to stay healthy and avoid hospitals. 

Moreover, people who will be tested positive or have any symptoms of Covid-19 will be requested to follow the proper rules of Isolation to save themselves and their loved ones from getting affected. 

 In addition to this, the PM announced the rundown plan which states that;

  • The will be no restriction on the meeting of people, the wedding and funerals gatherings will be allowed.
  • The offices will be properly opened and the restriction on work from home will be lifted.
  • Wearing a mask is not necessary whereas if people want to wear it in closed and crowded places it won’t be an issue. 
  • All businesses will remain open including the pubs and nightclubs. 
  • The gap between the doses of vaccines will be reduced so that the maximum number of people get vaccinated by mid-September. 

People of The United Kingdom will finally be free from all restrictions of Covid-19 and practice their life freely from 19th July 2021.

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