Roger Federer Joy of Winning Wimbledon would have been Diminished without fans. Wimbledon is one of the world’s oldest and possibly most prestigious tennis tournaments. The All England Club in Wimbledon, London, has hosted the event since 1877. Spencer Gore won the first Championship, an amateur sport named the Gentlemen’s Singles, with only 22 players.

Roger Federer Joy of Winning Wimbledon would have been Diminished without fans

The Wimbledon Championship is one of four main Grand Slam tennis competitions: the US Open, Australian Open, and French Open. Wimbledon is the only one of the four that takes place on conventional grass courts, with the other three taking place on hard and clay surfaces. The festival takes place over two weeks, starting in late June and early July. 

This year the matches started on the 22nd of June and will end on the 7th of July. 

On the 5th of July, Roger Federer won Wimbledon, confessed that this win would have been worthless without the crowd. He would have felt hollow and unhappy if the crowd wasn’t there.

Last year everything stayed disturbed due to Covid-19 including the games. In 2020, Wimbledon was also canceled but the French Open, Us Open, and Australian Open took place with very less or no audience. 

Federer said that the night session in Paris with only 5 people was immeasurable. 

All England Club announced a fully operational championship from Tuesday. Federer defeated Lorenzo in straights sets and said that he enjoyed it because of the cheering fans. 

Federer stated that when last he saw the boys playing with little or no crown he felt an emptiness within and said that it would have drained 70 to 80 percent of the energy from him. Furthermore, he added that surely it would have been a win for him but he would not have enjoyed winning such a game. He said he was very happy to get the crowds back.

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