Clifton Park Community Celebrates Fourth of July with Parade. The Fourth of July has been celebrated with full zest every year. It commemorates the declaration of independence of the world’s superpower, the United States of America. From its independence, till now this day is celebrated with merriment and high spirits.

Many different festivals are arranged from fireworks to concerts and parades. People around arrange family gatherings to show strength and love for their country. The 4th of July is observed as an official holiday in America, It is a federal holiday.

clifton park parade 4th july

In 1776, thirteen colonies separated themselves from Great Britain. These 13 colonies revolted against the big power and announced themselves free from their rule. Five people wrote this declaration of independence in which they stated that they are no more under the oppression of the British Government. It was officially written on the 2nd of July but approved on the 4th of July.  

It was in the times of revolutionary war that colonies thought of uniting to get rid of a common enemy. From 1776 till now the American people take pride in their Independence and celebrate it with different Games, Bonfires, and Illuminations, etc.

This year after the global pandemic the Fourth of July was celebrated like previous ones unlike the last one. People celebrated it with full enthusiasm and passion.

The Town of Clifton was observed celebrating the Independence Day Parade in a traditional way. Last year these celebrations couldn’t be filled due to the epidemic, there were no usual parades or fireworks at Clifton Common.

clifton park parade july

This year more than half of the New York residents got vaccinated and the number of affected people is very less now so the state is allowed to resume many activities. Clifton Park Community arranged a parade with a proper route and fireworks. Clifton common had family gatherings and activities. This all concluded with a fireworks display at dusk.

Thousands of people gathered at different places to celebrate their freedom without any restrictions. They could feel that after being hit by a global pandemic now finally the whole country is reawakening. Americans gathered in large numbers for the first time in more than a year to celebrate and commemorate the blessing of having their own homeland.

On this day people forget their personal and political differences and talk about one common purpose and political sentiments. People on this day recalled all those who they lost to this fatal disease and prayed for the sick ones. They showed that they are united and they will be there to help the needy ones in the hour of need.

Not only in Clifton Park Community but all over the United States of America it was observed that people were more happy and enthusiastic than the previous year. Last year due to restrictions people couldn’t show their dedication and love for the country. This year crowd of thousands of people without wearing masks and maintaining distance celebrated Independence Day with full zeal and zest. They could feel life coming back to them and they know that they will finally defeat anything in their way to progress.

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