Joey Chestnut Sets New Record At Post Pandemic Hot Dog Race. American Hot Dog eating contest is usually held outside Nathan’s Famous Corporation, Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island near New York City, annually. It’s a contest of eating hot dogs with buns; the person who eats the most in less time wins the game.

This game is played on the Fourth of July every year to celebrate the independence day of the United States of America. On the Independence of America, many different games are played, and family gatherings are arranged. People gathered at other places for various activities like fireworks, concerts, parades, family activities, sports, etc. 

joey chestnut record 2021

Last year, people were not allowed to do gatherings or leave their houses due to the prevailing condition of the global pandemic. No one celebrated independence day openly; people arranged small activities inside the homes to show solidarity with their beloved nation. 

When everything is in much control this year, people are allowed to celebrate their freedom with full enthusiasm. They arranged each and every game and praised it to the fullest.

Nathan’s Hot Dog competition that was usually held outside the best restaurant in Coney Island had shifted to a nearby minor league baseball stadium, Maimonides Park, with 5,000 people. It was arranged there because of coronavirus restriction. 

Joey Chestnut proudly holds the winner’s title this year; he sets a new record for others by breaking his own record side by side.

Chowdown champ, Joey Chestnut, ate 76 franks and buns, which is one less than the last year. He broke his own record and set a new one. Chestnut said that he stayed motivated due to the people who kept on cheering and encouraging him. 

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