CM Punk: Went off Sydney Crosby and the Penguins

Despite the reality that it has been a while since supporters of the National Hockey League have had the opportunity to witness their favorite stars participate in an actual game, it appears that hockey is still on many people’s minds. On Sunday evening, in a press conference for a professional wrestling Live Broadcast event, Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and several of his current and former teammates were the focus of a few insults from one of the competitors.

CM Punk is the current All Elite Wrestling champion. CM Punk received a number of questions during the post-event press conference, one of which led to some harsh words for the Penguins. After addressing the question, CM Punk, a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks supporter, took the microphone once again to say a few words to Crosby and the Penguins.

CM Punk

The Penguin’s rage appears to have been sparked by one of the publications that asked the questions, albeit the question itself did not appear to be the issue here. It’s difficult to tell because the camera is only focused in one way, but if it had to be guessed, It would be said that one of the reporters was wearing Penguins paraphernalia, which prompted CM Punk’s outburst.

One thing is certain CM Punk isn’t going to let go of this grudge anytime soon, and it is sure that he’ll be marking the dates on his calendar this season when his Chicago Blackhawks play the Pittsburgh Penguins again. Punk is still irritated by the entire thing.

Punk took some time after publicly slamming some of his coworkers and revealing some real-life dirty linen to tell a reporter wearing Pittsburgh Penguins apparel what he thought of the Pens.

CM Punk

Punk makes his first mention of the Pens while addressing controversial questions regarding his very real court issues and litigation involving old pal Scott Colton aka Colt Cabana.

Punk is a well-known and ardent Chicago Blackhawks supporter. He once informed Brian Mitchell on NBC Sports Washington that the Blackhawks will defeat the Capitals in the 2015 Winter Classic. The Caps went on to win the game 3-2 courtesy of a late goal by Troy Brouwer.

One of his main beef with the Penguins is that he never seems to forget the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals. In that series, the Pens defeated the Blackhawks in four games to win their second consecutive and overall Stanley Cup.

One of his biggest beef with the Penguins is that he never seems to forget the Stanley Cup Finals in 1992. The Pens won their second consecutive and overall Stanley Cup by defeating the Blackhawks in four games.