How to make constructive English sentences

English, due to the exceptions of so many rules, often seems strange in learning. Most English sentences follow a similar structure on the basic level. Here are five tips to make constructive sentences. It is highly recommended to buy or download English bolls to prepare yourself on paper using English grammar which includes some other helpful tips.

1-Basic thing is to keep checking the basic sentence structure of English writing. Subject-verb objects should come in the right order.

Steve kicked the ball

Steve kicked the ball is a simple sentence where the order of subject-verb and object are in the right order. Steve is a subject as well as at the beginning of the sentence the verb is in the center and last but not the least object in this sentence.

2-Here the exception about the subject is, that object sometimes is made up of a combination of different subjects and is not necessary to be a one-word subject

People who practice a lot get higher scores

 In the above sentence, the subject is the combination of many words that people practice a lot. We often call such a subject a phrasal subject or predicate. 

3When we talk about the types of objects there are two types of objects: direct objects and indirect objects.

Direct object: this object has a direct connection with the subject 

Indirect object: this object has an indirect connection with the subject

I bought some flowers for my mother.

In this sentence, flowers are used as a direct object while my mother is used as an indirect object. Before the indirect object preposition is used for connecting the direct and indirect object.

I bought my mother some flowers

4-Direct and indirect objects are used in different orders just like written above. When an indirect object comes before a direct object there is no need to use prepositions to connect the sentences. 

A compound sentence is made up of two clauses. Compound sentences follow the same structure as discussed in adobe but it is used twice. On e for each clause. In this sentence, conjunction is used to join these two clauses. Parts before and after the conjunction often have the same structure.

I cooked dinner and my father bought some drinks

Subject Verb Object + Subject Verb Object

5– It is indispensable to learn the exceptions of the language to master it. There are some sentences whose structure is slightly that of a regular pattern in passive voice.

After getting familiar with declarative sentences you can utilize your time to explore other structures of the sentences. 


English might not be your native language and there is a possibility that you have been struggling to improve.There are lots of tutorials on the internet that give more comprehensive knowledge you can learn from them as well. But one thing must be in your mind that you can master any language through practice. In the read read read to learn.