Tuesday, October 4, 2022

What Is Mar-a-Lago? History of Trump’s Resort

Former President Donald Trump revealed that On August 8, the FBI was searching for his Mar-a-Lago estate; the FBI started this search...

Race in international space station in the world

The International Space Station brings together astronauts from across the world to work on cutting-edge science, and some have termed it humanity's...

Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment in the New York

According to public libraries, the fifth amendment was put forth on sept25 1789. In December 1791, ten emendations were revised. Papers that...

Polio vaccination in London

After the discovery of the poliovirus in wastewater in parts of London, Britain will provide a polio booster vaccination dosage to children...

Different calendars in the world

With the sight of the new moon,  the 12-month Hijri calendars of 12 months usually start. The Islamic year starts from Muharram...

Top contemporary Chinese leaders

Look back at the five Chinese presidents who shaped the world's most populous country. Qin Shi Huang (221-210 B.C.)

How Elon Musk Built His Fortune

If you want to become a billionaire but were not born into the Saudi royal family, there are a few options for...

Top 5 news channels in the world

There are several factors that determine the top 5 news channels worldwide, including TRP and the amount of advertising they receive, but...

Most like president in the history of America

One is "not effective" and ten is "very effective" on a scale of one to ten, 142 experts evaluated the presidents in...

Oldest Newspapers in The World

Newspapers have served as a means for people all around the world to be informed about current events and stay connected. Even...

Eating Habit To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD) may be more common in people with digestive issues. A world-first Edith Cowan University (ECU) study verified it, which...

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The Return of Fascism in Italy

After world war 2, suffrage in Italians could bring the country's most right-wing government to power. The previous government of the outgoing...

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 213

It has been 213 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. Many events have taken place during these days, but here we will discuss...

What’s going on in the Middle East

There are multiples around the world and in the Middle East, but few of them have discussed what has become a top...