Kylie Jenner Pregnant, Expecting Baby No. 2 With Travis Scott. Kylie Jenner is expecting her and Travis Scott’s second child, according to numerous sources. As a result of Stormi’s birth in February 2018, the couple has been anticipating this news.

Back in May of this year, an insider shared that Kylie regularly speaks about having another child. “She’d want to have a second child with Travis if she can. She believes that she was destined to be a mother from the moment she was born.”

When Andy Cohen asked the beauty entrepreneur about her pregnancy journey on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion earlier this year, she said that it was something she wanted to go through on her own.

“I shared so much of my life” Kylie speaking with Andy Cohen,” she explained to him afterwards. In addition, I was quite young when I became pregnant, so it was a lot for me. How would I bring that to the public’s attention, and what would be the reaction of everyone? In my opinion, this is a process that I had to go through on my own.”

Kylie Jenner Pregnant: Jenner’s sister Kendall Jenner agreed: “This is obviously just a hunch — I’ve never been pregnant, and I’m sure there are studies on this — but I believe that the more at peace you are while you’re pregnant, the more that flows into your child.”

Because Kylie was so at ease during her pregnancy, I believe that even her baby, who is lovely and gorgeous, is a mirror of Kylie. “I honestly believe that was the right option,” she said.

Kardashian’s older sister Kim, who has four children with Kanye West, stated that Kylie didn’t leave the house because she wanted to protect herself and her unborn child.

The paparazzi would practically smash into our vehicles while Kim, 40, and her husband were driving while pregnant because they just wanted a picture. ” Kylie wanted to safeguard her safety, as well as the baby’s, by keeping that private time.”

Kylie admitted that she was disturbed by photographers even when she was at home for months. It got so bad that I couldn’t even step outside because they would be photographing all of my deliveries.”

When the youngest Kardashian-Jenner walked out in Idaho wearing a loose blouse, speculations of pregnancy began to circulate.

Her sushi order, which seemed to be all avocado rolls and no raw fish, also gave the fans a hint.

Kylie Jenner Pregnant: When Caitlyn Jenner announced Thursday that she was expecting a new grandchild, it was widely assumed that she was referring to Burt Jenner, who is expecting his third child with Valerie Pitalo.

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