Mike Richards Steps Down as New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host. ‘Jeopardy!’ executive producer Mike Richards said on Friday that he is stepping down after current attention for prior statements against women, Jews, and impoverished people.

“Being invited to be the host of the televised programme was an incredible honour, and I was pleased at the prospect of expanding my position. We’ve learned, however, that continuing as host would be a major distraction for our viewers and not the best thing to do for our programme “As Richards said in a press release:

Following the death of Trebek in November, Richards was one of the numerous guest hosts who took over the leadership of the show. Sony Pictures Television will now “continue its hunt for a permanent host,” he added. Sony Pictures Television produces the show. Meanwhile, the show will continue to have guest hosts on the show to keep things interesting.

“It is my sincere regret that ‘Jeopardy!’ has received so much negative publicity over the past few weeks, resulting in uncertainty and delays. In order to restore your faith and confidence, I realise that I must work hard “As Richards put it:

He was a guest presenter from late February to early March. Richards’ alleged previous behaviors have sparked outrage among longstanding fans who feel producers are trying to kill off a show that has been a staple of American syndicated television since 1984.

LeVar Burton, the actor and former “Reading Rainbow” presenter who is adored among millennial audiences and has even prompted a petition asking on “Jeopardy!” to make him the regular host, was not chosen.

Brandi Cochran, a former model for “The Price Is Right,” filed the first lawsuit, alleging that she was dismissed after becoming pregnant. According to the case, Richards, who was not named a defendant, treated Cochran differently in 2008 after revealing her pregnancy. The trial was held, and a jury of judges and jurors awarded Cochran more than $8 million.

Records reveal that Cochran and the defendants settled out of court after the award was reversed by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge.

Fans of “Jeopardy!” from all across the country had varied feelings about the new host and what he would bring to the series before Richards announced he would be stepping down.

When it comes to “Jeopardy! ” viewers, Amy Bornmann, director of a timeshare management firm in Orlando, says Trebek occupies more time in her life than some of her family members. As a guest-host trial viewer, Bornmann was struck by Richards’ confidence and ease with the question-and-answer style.

A CNN legal expert, Laura Coates, and a Los Angeles Kings hockey play-by-play announcer, Alex Faust, were named by Trebek as prospective replacements in an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin in 2018. Neither of them was a guest host during the current season of The Voice.

In mid-August, work on the next season of the show began. It was scheduled to launch on September 13th, but it never happened.

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