Lindsey Graham 1st Vaccinated Senator to Test Positive for COVID-19. “I started suffering from flu-like symptoms on Saturday night,” the South Carolina Republican stated in a statement released Monday afternoon.

In response to being told that he had tested positive, Graham announced his intention to isolate himself for ten days.

This April, during a visit to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, Graham, who was vaccinated in December, said that “the sooner we get everyone vaccinated, the sooner we can go back to normal.”

Lindsey Graham Covid: Following an update to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guideline, which cites the resurgence of the highly infectious delta form of the coronavirus as the reason for the recommendation, Graham became infected. New data suggests that COVID-19 outbreaks with mild or no symptoms are still infrequent.

Lindsey Graham 1st Vaccinated Senator to Test Positive

Both chambers of Congress have tightened Face-covering laws in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases around the country. Senate recommends medical-grade facial covers.

Prior to releasing the statement, Graham, who was wearing a mask, refused to take questions from reporters on Capitol Hill. Silver Elephant dinner, the South Carolina Republican Party’s flagship annual fundraiser, was held Friday night without Graham due to Senate votes. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke at the event.

‘All the senators were vaccinated,’ Manchin informed reporters. They were interacting outdoors while eating a couple of hamburgers.

‘Since the incident,’ Manchin claimed, he has tested negative for COVID-19. Chris Coons, a fellow Democrat who was also present at the meeting, said he was awaiting the results. As a result of this meeting, Senator John Thune, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, tested negative for COVID-19.

People who have been wholly vaccinated do not need to quarantine following contact with an infected individual unless they show symptoms, but they should be checked 3-5 days after the exposure.

Other legislators were spurred by the revelation to take COVID-19 exams and publish their results. On the evening when he initially got symptoms, the South Carolina Republican attended a party on Sen. Joe Manchin’s houseboat with a few of his Senate colleagues.

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