New York Governor: Independent Investigators Find Governor Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Violated State and Federal Laws. According to state Attorney General Letitia James (D), an investigation concluded that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) sexually harassed multiple women, including those who worked in his office, and violated state and federal laws.

Cuomo and his aides were also found to have retaliated against a former employee who came forward with charges, according to the independent investigation commissioned by James.

“The independent inquiry determined that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed several women, in violation of federal and state law,” James stated at a press conference.

“Specifically, the inquiry discovered that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed current and former New York state workers by engaging in unwanted and consensual touching and making many inappropriate suggestive and sexual statements that created a hostile work environment for women,” she said.

New York Governor: The explosive report that followed James’ press conference is the result of a months-long investigation led by Anne Clark and Joon Kim, two attorneys appointed by James’ office in March to lead the independent probe.

The inquiry was started by the attorney general after numerous women came forward claiming sexual misconduct by Cuomo, including groping, unwanted kissing, and improper workplace comments.

Clark and Kim, according to James, interviewed 179 persons as part of the investigation, including 11 complainants, current and past members of the executive chamber, and others. According to James, the attorneys also evaluated 74,000 pieces of evidence, including papers, emails, messages, audio recordings, and photographs.

“These interviews and pieces of evidence paint a distressing but unmistakable picture: Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state workers in violation of both federal and state statutes. According to the independent inquiry, Gov. Cuomo sexually assaulted several women, many of whom were young women, by engaging in unwanted touching, kissing, embracing, and making improper comments.

“Furthermore, the governor and his senior staff retaliated against at least one former employee for coming forth with her tale, her truth,” she continued.

The study outlines a number of incidents in which Cuomo engaged in improper touching and made statements that made individuals around him feel uneasy.

Clark reported that Cuomo oppressed one lady, distinguished as “chief associate #1,” to “rehashed actual infringement,” including embracing her and coming to under her shirt to snatch her bosom. He additionally snatched her behind. 

Cuomo’s activities were not restricted exclusively to the individuals who turned out straightforwardly for him. Examiners additionally found that he irritated a state trooper doled out to his defensive detail, remembering one case for which he ran his finger from her neck down her spine and commented, “hello you.” 

Other unseemly comments included inquiring as to whether they would undermine their accomplices and their conclusions on monogamy. 

New York Governor: Cuomo has wouldn’t leave in the midst of mounting calls from state administrators and his informers for him to venture down. 

In a resistant discourse after the report’s delivery Tuesday, he said he never hassled anybody and would not advance down. 

“To start with, I need you to know straightforwardly from me that I never contacted anybody improperly or made unseemly lewd gestures. I’m 63 years of age. I have carried on with my whole grown-up life in general visibility. That is simply not who I am, and that is not who I have at any point been,” he said. 

All things considered, requires his abdication or evacuation overwhelmed after the report’s discoveries were delivered. 

In her public comments, James cast the infringement as an example and adulated the ones who approached their cases. 

“This examination has uncovered direct that consumes the very texture and character of our state government and focuses light on a foul play that can be available at the most elevated levels of government,” she said. “However, none of this, none of this would have been enlightened notwithstanding the gallant ladies who approached. What’s more, I am enlivened by every one of the courageous ladies who approached, however more significantly, I trust them, and I express gratitude toward them for their grit.” 

The report proceeds to blame Cuomo for fighting back against Lindsey Boylan, a previous helper who was quick to openly blame Cuomo for an offense that included kissing her without her assent and offering unseemly comments during her time in his office. 

Specialists said the reprisal, which notwithstanding “spilling to the press classified records identifying with an inward examination concerning Ms. Boylan on random issues” and scattering demonizing data from Cuomo to those external his office “sent a chilling message to other would-be complainants.” 

The lawyers additionally found that Cuomo’s office misused cases against the lead representative disregarding its own badgering strategy. 

The report subtleties the leader chamber’s reaction to charges brought by Charlotte Bennett, a staff member who point by point claims she said made her so awkward she would not like to cooperate with Cuomo. 

Clark said at the question and answer session that staff members discovered Bennett’s professes to be valid and moved her yet concluded they “didn’t have to report this to the lead representative’s office of worker relations (GOER) or direct any significant examination.”

“That reaction, we find, was an infringement of the chief chamber’s provocation strategy, which unmistakably necessitates that all conceivable badgering be accounted for to GOER and examination,” Clark said. 

James’ office didn’t report any charges, however, the state head legal officer said the ladies would have the option to record common suits against Cuomo and that their cases could be audited by nearby police divisions. 

“We have given a report and all through the cycle we put our heads down, we’ve tackled our work. Also, now … we will permit the chips to fall where they may,” James said. 

The state assembly is additionally directing an arraignment examination concerning the lead representative’s lead. 

Cuomo’s office didn’t promptly react to a solicitation for input from The Hill. 

New York Governor: The lead representative has recently denied any bad behavior yet has apologized for causing any lady to feel awkward and said his activities ought not to be viewed as inappropriate behavior. 

“The Governor new york should leave quickly, alongside his ranking staff who ensured and empowered him infringing upon NY State law, to the burden of the ladies he bothered. On the off chance that he doesn’t, the New York State Assembly should acknowledge the Attorney General’s discoveries and start finding a way the proper ways to eliminate him from office,” said Debra Katz, Bennett’s lawyer.

“This report features inadmissible conduct by Governor Cuomo and his organization. As I said when these upsetting claims previously became known, the Governor should leave to benefit the state,” state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) included an explanation Tuesday. “Since the examination is finished and the charges have been validated, it ought to be obvious to everybody that he can at this point don’t fill in as Governor.” 

The three-term lead representative has flagged he means to run for a fourth term, however, it is hazy what the furthest down the line discoveries will mean for his political practicality. 

James’ report is probably going to make an opening for a genuine essential challenger, and Republicans are as of now seizing on the discoveries, with Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.), the No. 3 House Republican, requiring Cuomo’s capture. 

“Nobody is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else and today equity should be served. Lead representative Cuomo should leave and be captured quickly,” Stefanik said in a proclamation.

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