Keyshia Cole Mother Dies: Mother of Singer Keyshia Cole Dies from Drug Overdose on 61st Birthday. Frankie Lonz, Keyshia Cole’s mother, has reportedly died of a drug overdose on her birthday. You may remember Frankie from Keyshia Cole’s reality show The Way It Is, which premiered on And the family also had the shows Keyshia and Daniel Family First and Keyshia Cole All In.

She was 61 years old when she died from a drug overdose on Sunday, July 18th. Frankie’s daughter elite noel confirmed the news on her Instagram stories, writing “worst pain ever to see my mama in a body bag on her birthday now I’m unsure of what she overdosed from but I’ve never heard of someone dying from a crack overdose I’m just saying”

“This was 2 1/2 years ago. Every time my mom relapse, it breaks my heart more than it’s already been broken. I’m hoping if any of u are dealing with a family member who’s battling with drug addiction, that you, yourself are learning how to cope with the struggle of it all. And all the pain it brings to see a loved one constantly relapsing. See them go back to the streets Because that’s what they’re used to, or would rather be. I really miss you! And will always love u #FrankTheBank 👑❤️”

Keyshia Cole Mother Dies: Lons was made a preferred fan of the show, which finally led to the sitcom “Frankie & Neffe” together with Cole’s sister Neffeteria Pugh.

Cole said Lons had been there for a 30-day rehabilitation last February, last year.

Frankie’s crack addiction was made public on the program, and at times, Frankie and her co-stars would dispute her longtime addiction to crack cocaine in 2019. Frankie told Kiesha Cole that she didn’t want to live any longer, therefore we extend our sympathies to Keyshia Cole’s family during this difficult time. Keyshia Cole’s mother, Frankie Lonz, died on her birthday for the second time.

Keyshia Cole Mother Dies: In a 2018 Instagram article, Cole has previously addressed her mom’s addictions issues. 

“Every time my mom relapses, my heart hurts more than it has been already shattered. If any of you are coping with a family member who is struggling with drug addiction, I hope you are learning how to cope with the challenge. And the anguish of seeing a loved one relapse on a regular basis.”

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